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What classes are the best classes to take in college if i want to own my own dance school?

Asked New York, New York

I am a dancer and I've been dancing since age 4. I love dance and i love children. I feel that dancing is a positive way of expression. I live in Far Rockaway, Queens and not a lot of people have lots of money to pay for professional dance classes for there children so they don't introduce it to them. I want to make affordable dance classes for my neighborhood and create more change in my community. #business #finance #management #entrepreneurship #dance #dance-education #ballet

2 answers

Ryan’s Answer

Updated California, California

Look into business management and entrepreneur classes. Assuming it will be a small business, you can get software to help with you managing your "books" so you can use your skills to help run the actual business and staff. You'll want to know how to communicate with your customers and staff.

So taking some written and verbal communication courses will be highly beneficial and also management courses with also teach you communication skills.

Thank you for your insight and i will take everything that you told me and put it towards my educational career so that I can take the right steps to creating a successful business.

Nick’s Answer

Hi Shamya, I agree with everything Ryan said. You certainly have a passion for dance which is what an entrepreneur needs, a passion for their business. Major in entrepreneurship and minor in business with some marketing classes too. You should probably work in a dance studio now as an employee to get some practical experience and see if your passion is still there after you work there for a while. If so, go for it. Learn all you can! Also, you seem to be community focused which is a terrific trait. You want to make a difference. A great goal! Good luck and reach for your dream! Good luck Nick