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What Are Good Colleges To Go To In Western Part Of America For Business Such As Acconting Fiancing And Becoming A Stockbrocker

I Would Like To Go To College SomeWhere Hot But Its A Good College? #college #finance #accounting #college-selection #investment-banking #stock-broker

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3 answers

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J’s Answer


Check out this link

For a general business degree, top schools in western U.S. include: Brigham Young (Marriott) in Utah, UC Berkeley (Haas) in California, Santa Clara University in California, Eller School of Management at Arizona University.


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Blake’s Answer

Hey Terrell,

The University of Southern California is a highly rated accounting school on the west coast.


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Tom’s Answer

As an alum of Arizona State University I found it was a great school. It's definitely hot there and the W.P Carey Business School was great at preparing me for life in public accounting. Here's the website for additional information about their accolades and rankings (#24 for undergraduate business programs). https://wpcarey.asu.edu/about/rankings #asu #arizona-state-university #business #college