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Hi . I am really concerned about my future at the moment. I have always wanted to do something in the Communication Science/Media field but I have learnt that it's contaminated right now. I'm confused. I am thinking of doing something in Law.

Asked Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

I'm asking because I don't know what to do . I need to know ASAP because I'm choosing subjects at school and I'm really confused. I'm bad at math but I'm sticking with pure math because I believe it opens more doors in University so I'll try it but I'm scared . I'm a very good speaker and a good writer. What can I do ? Help ! :( #teaching #law #marketing #communications #law-enforcement #media #real-estate #media-production

4 answers

Stephanie’s Answer

Updated Columbus, Ohio

Have you thought about a business degree with a strategy or marketing specialization? This will allow you to get well rounded exposure to communications, brand strategy, copywriting, social media, etc which are great skills to have if going into more of a communications/media/journalism field in the future, but it's also a great well rounded way to also learn valuable finance and accounting skills, operations, logic/problem solving, collaborative team work, etc. This will help you in any legal career you may consider going into as well. Lawyers deal so much with contracts, negotiations, regulation compliance, etc just like manage brand/product managers and strategic marketers do. It's a little different in the States because you can get an undergrad degree in anything and then decide to go to law school later, but I would just challenge you to think about a degree that gives you the most potential options.

Do you like Math at all or are you just doing it because the job market is good? If it's something that you can tolerate for now but it really doesn't get you excited to wake up in the morning and go to work, i really wouldn't recommend majoring in that if you'll have to do that type of job for the rest of your life. It's natural to not always love your job every day, but if it feels like a real drag and doesn't energize or excite you now, it could get a lot worse after five or ten years of having to do it every day. I would follow your passions but hedge your bets by getting a degree that allows you to do multiple types of roles so you have a better chance at finding something you love, that also has a lot of openings and opportunities. Best of luck to you!

Meade’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas

Few of us are certain of what we want to "be" when we are choosing college courses. Rather than focusing on the schooling, research the job market. Read job boards and see which jobs excite you and figure out the qualifications. Talk to people already in the fields you are viewing and see what their job really entails. Get resources and referrals from your teachers and counselers. Try some part-time or volunteer jobs in your desired areas and see what happens. You'll at least learn what you are getting yourself into. If you hate math, learn what is required and move away from it. We usually aren't good at things we hate to do...so don't move that direction any fatter than you have to. But don't lose out learning the math on computers. That's going to continue to be essential. You sound very stressed and confused, trying to predict your future and the future of industries around you. A specific degree will not give you a job. You'll still be hitting the pavement with everyone else who just graduated. Certain jobs require specific degrees, like engineering, law or medical, but many employers accept degrees from several different fields if you have the experience, attitude and talent. You can focus on the "sure" bet job degree, hate work, and keep your other interests active through joining groups, etc so you end up learning both. But I think you'll be happier going straight for the top and focus your creative abilities in writing, marketing, communications, filming, computers and public speaking. There's alaways going to be lots of jobs in those fields, especially since our technology is so rapidly increasing. Best to you.

Morris’s Answer

Updated Detroit, Michigan

Please know that you must have a passion for any career that you choose. Communications is a very broad field, and you must think about the type of jobs in that profession that will make you happy. If you write and speak very well, you might consider exploring a career in News. Practice writing scripts and record video's of yourself reading news copy. Honestly ask yourself is this something that I would enjoy. Honestly critique your ability to be convincing without sounding rehearsed or nervous. Whether you choose Law or Communications, you will need to develop these techniques. You have already succeeded with your honesty and curiosity. Remember, you can become good at anything if you continuously practice and enjoy what you're doing. I wish you the best.

matthew’s Answer

Updated Victoria, Texas

Contaminated? that's funny... You should go for courses in communication and writing irrespective of contamination or no contamination. It is best to do what you're good at and comfortable, and it is important to always chase your dream (sometimes it comes with pain, but at the end the gain is huge). Once again i will advise you to take communication and writing course. In my third year in the university, i took a course that was taught by a strict professor that no had ever had an A grade. Everybody was negative about the course but i went for it because it was what i wanted and i believed in myself as well. At the end, i emerged with 98% which had never happened in the history of the course, which has contributed to my academic success as well. Go for your dream dear, and just believe in yourself!