Morris Porter

Music Production/Disc Jockey Instructor at Don Bosco Hall YouthVille Detroit
Media Production
Detroit, MI
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Khwezi M. Jan 12, 2017

Hi . I am really concerned about my future at the moment. I have always wanted to do something in the Communication Science/Media field but I have learnt that it's contaminated right now. I'm confused. I am thinking of doing something in Law.

I'm asking because I don't know what to do . I need to know ASAP because I'm choosing subjects at school and I'm really confused. I'm bad at math but I'm sticking with pure math because I believe it opens more doors in University so I'll try it but I'm scared . I'm a very good speaker and a...

#media-production #law-enforcement #media #marketing #real-estate #communications #law #teaching

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Tamyra L. Mar 02, 2016

What do I have to major in if i plan to have a career as a music producer

HI I am a senior who is a couple months away from starting my first year as a freshman in college. I have a passion for music, and it is something that i really want to pursue. I was wondering about what would i need to take to be able to qualify to become a music producer. #music...