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What social skills does a person have to have to be a psychologist?

Surely people in this profession have to have the right set of mind in order to help people but how does one prepare. #human-services #psychology #clinical-psychology #social #personal-development

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3 answers

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Linda Ann’s Answer

Listening skills are of paramount importance. After listening actively, it is important to reflect back to the client your understanding of what they told you. By reflecting back, using a tone of voice that shows concern, you are telling the client you were paying close attention AND that you wish to avoid potential misunderstandings.

Showing concern in the tone of voice, facial expressions and body language is very important as well. Clients need to see and feel that you are an empathic human there to help.

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Tanjenika’s Answer

When it comes to any type of job communication is key. Its imperative that we know how to talk to one another. In the Human Service field Communication is the number one skill you will need to be successful at your job. I communicate day in and day out in my field with customers and as well as my peers. When you are studying human behavior knowing how to relay a message and how to receive a message is very important, and beneficial for your clients as well as yourself. Effective communication is talking clear in simple terms. Being relatable, don't speak to people as if you just jumped out from a book. Good communicators which is what psychologist have to be, always make sure their message is concise and clear, they know the different type of communication skills you need for different situations. Being a good communicator comes with being able to get your point across on paper as well. I would suggest when you are able to take up speech class, and when you are studying psychology you have to take a communication class of some sort. So for now focus on doing your research on how to be an effective communicator, professional development is a plus. :)

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suraj’s Answer

Social skills are the ways in which we interact with others. If we have good social skills then this can help us become confident, happy people who are easy to get along with.
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