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What fields related to culinary arts do you think I should consider looking into?

Is there any other field in particular that could be seen as just as satisfying if not more satisfying

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2 answers

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John’s Answer

Hi Gracie,

I see your questions has been out here for a while. Also 76 people have viewed it but no answers up till now. So I'm going to give it a shot. I suspect that there aren't any answers because it's a hard question. There aren't a lot of good paying jobs in culinary arts. But if you prepare for the ones that are out there and dedicate yourself to finding them, you can have a good job.

Chef - Chefs in fine dining restaurants can make a good living. But they tend to work ridiculous hours, some as high as 90 hours per week. Being a chef in a fine dining restaurant is like being a food artist. There is a level of passion there and commitment that far exceeds normal levels. If this is you, however and you love it. Then go for it.

Other kitchen jobs don't really pay well. If you love being in the kitchen but don't want to work crazy hours, think about finding another job that pays the bills and be in the kitchen as a hobby.

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese - Little joke here, because it's not just Kraft (or Mac-n-Cheese) but every company that makes food in a box has people to make sure it tastes good and has the right nutritional value and costs the right amount. This kind of job is one part chef, one part businessperson and one part scientist. If you go this route, make sure you add business courses and science courses (biology and chemistry) to your education.

Wholefoods - Grocery stores employee buyers and other people to make sure the right food is on their shelves. Like Kraft above, this is part business and part chef and may be a little science but not as much.

Nutritionist / Diet Coach et al. - There are a number of jobs out there where you help people lose weight or eat according to a diet plan that helps with a specific medical condition. Think of these as one part chef and one part scientist. I don't think they pay well right now. But you could imagine pay getting better here over the next decade. So, if it's a passion of yours you might be ok money wise.

Best of luck,


John recommends the following next steps:

Figure out what jobs you'd like to have
Determine if they will make enough money for you to live on
Get an appropriate education for the job. Science heavy jobs will have more options and higher pay.
Get in the kitchen. Always be learning. Always be experimenting. Learn Culinary Science then push yourself to learn it as an Art.
Remain flexible. If Food doesn't pay what you need. Then get your enjoyment of food as a hobby and pick a different way to make money.
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Vanj’s Answer

If you take Culinary arts you're preparing to becoming a chef, restaurateur, in a food corporate R &D (combined with other discipline/science). You can opt to work in someone restaurant/hotel or be an entrepreneur and start a restaurant business of your own. Aside from understanding of basic culinary and kitchen management, to finance and entrepreneurship, a sound business plan would be crucial.