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Is it better to audition with dancing or without dancing?

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I am looking to apply to several colleges for musical theater, but I am not the best dancer. I can sort of follow a choreographer, but I'm not as precise as many other people and I'm afraid that my dancing may be the make or break point for accepting me into their university. One of my closest friends who did get into a college for musical theater did tell me that they start you from the basics anyways in college, regardless of how well or how bad you did at the auditions, and that they just want to see potential for growth. 1) Is that true? And 2) is it better for me to audition for a college that only requires my stronger points (which is singing and acting) or to a college that I may not get into because someone is a better dancer than me? Also, how big of a part does the interview play? Is it a major deciding factor? Is it often that the acceptance team will like a person so much that they would disregard a specific lack of something?
Much advice is appreciated!
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2 answers

Eric’s Answer

Auditions are a character building exercise, they simply want to know what you perform like under pressure. As a double bassist, myself, I've been to many auditions. The best advice I can give is from one of my mentors, Dr. Mark Morton. He said; "be able to perform your material while falling out of a plane."

Roberto’s Answer

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Yes! Geniuses can be made. Be You! Trust what you beleive!