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Is computer science a popular major?

Updated El Paso, Texas

I want to major in Computer Science at my college, however, I've been wondering if it's even a major that a lot of people even attend. It's something that I love a lot. I love to learn about computers and work with them, and in a world that's becoming run by and managed by them, is it something about the dedication needed to manage them that's the issue? I hope I'm not alone in the computer world.

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2 answers

Steve’s Answer

I can't comment on the popularity of a computer science degree, but I can tell you that your love of learning about computers will serve you well in your career. Any technological field you choose will most likely require constant learning to keep up with how fast things change. Companies are having a hard time finding skilled engineers in the information technology fields right now so your prospects are good. From my perspective, the issue is not so much dedication as it is the sheer number of technologies that exist today. Technology is growing and changing faster than people are coming into technological fields. None of us can do it all and there are simply not always enough people to manage technology effectively. The information technology field needs people like you to join it. Technology is not going anywhere, and for people like you that love to learn, there will almost always be high paying work out there for you. #information-technology #computer-science #computer-engineering

Peter’s Answer

Updated Kent, Washington
Hello, Jose. Your are definitely NOT alone when it comes to interest in computer science/engineering. In fact this has been the hottest branch of engineering for more than five years. There is great competition to get into the better colleges that grant a computer engineering degree. But there is also great demand for good computer engineers. The starting salaries out of college are probably the highest of any engineering discipline. One great program is provided by my own Alma Mater, the University of Washington. The computer engineering building on this campus has been largely funded by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. And the huge Microsoft Campus, as well as the even larger Amazon HQ are both nearby, in the Seattle area. Good Luck, Pete Sturtevant, PE