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How do I dress for an intern interview?

I am interviewing for a position as an intern for a member of Congress, but I'm unsure of how formally I should dress and what I should wear. government intern interview interview-clothing government-administration

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8 answers

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Mary Ellen’s Answer

I would suggest that you dress somewhat conservatively. That could include a dress with jacket or cardigan or a pair of trousers /skirt with a shirt/cardigan/jacket.
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Poonam’s Answer

Here are some of the “do’s” and “dont’s” as far as your interview attire is concerned. Hope that these would help you to give an insight into the same.

  1. In the event that your interview attire is over an year old, then it is time that you go for another high-quality wear which is faultlessly cut, fits you impeccably and in which you look awesome. In case of administration or executive roles, then you have to look like it and the suit should be of the absolute best quality to mirror your status. Looking great additionally will enable you to feel good.
  2. Accessories are similarly vital. Handbags and briefcases ought to be savvy and the contents well placed. Pens ought to be of good quality. Business cards ought to be flawless ideally speaking in their own particular holder.
  3. Proper grooming. Men should opt for the clean-shaven look or host their beards and so on. Closely trimmed as opposed to straggly. Clean nails, fresh breath, shiny shoes, antiperspirant, are largely fundamental as opposed to bits of hindsight. Utilize aftershave or aroma sparingly as it can be very intense in a small room. An important amongst the tips for interview.

for more details: Interview attire

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Dhairya’s Answer

When in doubt, the more professional you look the better. MSU has a useful guide for interview dress codes for both men and women.
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Jay’s Answer


Make sure you are outwardly presentable. This does not mean you have to rush out to buy a brand new suit or set of fancy clothes but remember that first impressions are the longest-lasting, and you want to be professional. Make sure you are set up for success by being presentable and ready to go.

Best of luck
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Fiona’s Answer

Depends on the company and the role. For young professionals, i would suggest a black suit, white blouse - clean cut professional clothing. Nothing flashy - you never know who is interviewing you and you do not want to offend or give the wrong impression. Do not under dress - this will portray you are not taking your the interview seriously.
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Paula’s Answer

It depends on the company and the role you are applying for, so do a little research ahead of time to determine what type of dress code they have. When in doubt, go for a conservative professional look.
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Lucie’s Answer

I would advise to dress for business: Working pants or skirts (knee length) and a button down shirt or blouse.
You want to look as professional as you can even for an internship. Believe it or not the first 10 seconds are critical in an interview because that's known as the first impression.
An interesting article about it is:

Don't overthink it, but be confident that what you are wearing is empowering you. I would aim for Smart Professional.

Hope this helps,
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Gretchen Lain’s Answer

It’s always better to overdress for the occasion, suit it up if you can. I would recommend a blue, black, or grey suit. Modest heels and simple colored collar shirt. Pull hair neatly back and keep makeup basic. The interview is your personal presentation, keep it classy, professional, and sophisticated. Let your knowledge of the job, personality, and desire for the internship do the rest! Good luck!

This is exactly what I would recommend on how to dress for a government internship. Understated and conservative is best. You could also review some recent videos on Congressional sessions. Rita Gleason