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What are all the careers available for college/highschool?

I am still not sure what I want to do exactly so I want to see what there is for careers and jobs.

Thank you comment icon Hi! Good morning! Feel and see your self what do you love to do and what kind of skills you've (Be honest to your self) Base on that, start from there and selecting your career could be more clever. Seek for orientation and advise. Good luck! Charly Rodriguez

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7 answers

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Jacob’s Answer

Exploring potential careers is a wise approach, especially when you're not yet sure about your future path. There are countless career options available, and they can broadly be categorized into different fields. Here's a list of some career categories and examples within each:

1. **Healthcare**:
- Doctor
- Nurse
- Pharmacist
- Physical Therapist
- Medical Researcher

2. **Technology**:
- Software Engineer
- Data Analyst
- Cybersecurity Analyst
- UX Designer
- IT Manager

3. **Business and Finance**:
- Accountant
- Financial Analyst
- Marketing Manager
- Entrepreneur
- Human Resources Specialist

4. **Education**:
- Teacher
- School Counselor
- Professor
- Educational Administrator
- Education Consultant

5. **Arts and Creative Fields**:
- Graphic Designer
- Actor/Actress
- Writer
- Musician
- Filmmaker

6. **Science and Research**:
- Biologist
- Chemist
- Environmental Scientist
- Astronomer
- Research Scientist

7. **Engineering**:
- Civil Engineer
- Electrical Engineer
- Aerospace Engineer
- Mechanical Engineer
- Chemical Engineer

8. **Social Services and Humanitarian**:
- Social Worker
- Counselor
- Nonprofit Director
- International Aid Worker
- Psychologist

9. **Government and Public Service**:
- Politician
- Diplomat
- Police Officer
- Urban Planner
- Public Health Administrator

10. **Hospitality and Tourism**:
- Hotel Manager
- Travel Agent
- Event Planner
- Chef
- Cruise Director

11. **Trades and Skilled Labor**:
- Electrician
- Plumber
- Carpenter
- Welder
- HVAC Technician

12. **Environmental and Sustainability**:
- Environmental Consultant
- Conservation Biologist
- Renewable Energy Specialist
- Sustainability Analyst
- Park Ranger

13. **Media and Communication**:
- Journalist
- Public Relations Specialist
- Social Media Manager
- Broadcast News Anchor
- Advertising Copywriter

14. **Legal and Criminal Justice**:
- Lawyer
- Paralegal
- Detective
- Legal Analyst
- Judge

15. **Entrepreneurship**:
- Startup Founder
- Small Business Owner
- E-commerce Entrepreneur
- Consultant
- Franchise Owner

Remember, it's perfectly normal to explore and not have a specific career in mind yet. To narrow down your options, consider your interests, strengths, values, and lifestyle preferences. Take advantage of internships, part-time jobs, and informational interviews to gain real-world insights into different careers. Additionally, your interests may evolve over time, so staying open to new opportunities and experiences is essential in finding a fulfilling career path.
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Melanie’s Answer

Hi there! There are so many options available to you! Especially now that social media has become so popular and widespread, there are a lot more opportunities in any career field. You first have to reflect on what interests you the most. No matter what that is, I can assure you there is a career that will fit those interests. If your high school offers clubs or opportunities to experience different career fields, definitely take those opportunities because they can help so much. Seeing what someone experience in their career can really help you figure out if it’s something you are interested in.
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Mandi’s Answer

Hey Osvaldo, there are many options for careers and jobs, however I would look at what interest you most. Do you know what you enjoy most? Do you plan to attend school? Because based on your interest you could have options for school.
Thank you comment icon Well yes I am currently in high school but u see I'm not sure what I want to do because I can get early college but I just don't know for what. exactly. Osvaldo
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Amalya’s Answer

Hi Osvaldo,

It's good that you are trying to plan your future in advance.
If you mean job-related choices, it depends on your interests, skills and abilities. What refers to attending a college, you should get prepared from now and choose your major.
In case of not being sure what to do next, you can try some internship programs in the fields you are interested in and decide which career path to follow.
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Judith-Ann’s Answer

Hello, Osvaldo. I am a fellow Texan, as well. Your job opportunities and careers are as big as Texas and even bigger. It's okay not to know when you are in High School or even college. Most people change careers once or twice, but some find a niche and hang on for dear life! If you are still in High School, you are learning about the world and about yourself. High School is the time to do your best at all your studies and notice which ones are intriguing to you and which ones you do well. High School is also a time to learn to make friends and learn to enjoy life. If you are having difficulties enjoying studies or friendships, contact your school counselor or a respected teacher or coach or mentor.

If you are approaching college, ask to speak to a career counselor in which aptitude tests can be administered to give you a direction to follow. It's all very overwhelming if you try to do it alone. It's okay to ask for help. We all need to share one another's burdens and challenges. Sharing lessens the weight. We can help each other!

Remember, Osvaldo. The world is your oyster! Life is an adventure ! You will make many choices! Sometimes you'll take "the road less taken and that will make all the difference." (Robert Frost “The Road Not Taken” a poem that processes the importance of our choices, both big and small, since they shape our journey through life.) Be Kind. Be Honest. Be curious. Be safe.
Thank you comment icon Thank you, Judith-Ann! Osvaldo
Thank you comment icon Thank you so much, Judith-Ann! Osvaldo
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Jerome’s Answer

There are so many roles out there! While a college degree is nice, there are numerous professions you can go into; some of while will train you.

Find a local career fair and attend! It will be a little overwhelming, but you will realize there is a whole world out there that we sometimes don’t see.
Thank you comment icon I appreciate this, thank you for the advice. Osvaldo
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Hello Osvaldo, kudos to you for asking the question! I can’t determine from your inquiry how many years you have left before you graduate from high school, but it’s never too early to be thinking about your future interests. My recommendation about happiness in work, is finding something that you like doing (while that may not be true all that time), it’s a good start. For example, do you like talking to people—does that come easy to you, or do you like working on things alone? Do you like things that need to be figured out, ie like a crossword puzzle, or would you rather be in a group working together to figure things out? The answers to those questions will help you decide what types of things you might like to do. If you’re still figuring that out, that’s ok. I’d also suggest you maybe talk to people that you admire, whether it’s someone older than you, or even someone, like a friend your age. Good luck to you!
Thank you comment icon Thank you, Naveen B. for the advice. Osvaldo
Thank you comment icon Well I do like like to working together and I'm good at leading but see I want something like in business and management but I don't know what to specialize myself in to the job because there's different ones can you please try and help me finding all the clusters there? or some kind of web that tells me. thank you!! and yea I really just want to be someone successful in life, go to college, meet amazing people in the world, and graduate. Osvaldo
Thank you comment icon That’s awesome—keep that attitude! In regards to your follow up question, if you know you already like business and management, you can consider majoring in Business at a 2 year community college, or apply directly to a 4 year college. Most students don’t know what they want to do exactly, but once you take some courses, your area of interest might become clearer to you. Also be sure to use the internet, for searching for jobs that require degrees (many don’t) but a degree is a way to be more competitive. Hope this helps. Naveen B. Miller, CPCU