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Yaw Oct 02, 2023 211 views

Any ideas on choosing a career path?

Any ideas on choosing a career path

Ayana’s Avatar
Ayana Oct 01, 2023 203 views

How do I figure out what I want to major in for college?

I have a few options for what I want to do as jobs but I don't know what I'd major in. I need a few tips or tricks to tell me the best way to pick one.

sonya’s Avatar
sonya Sep 30, 2023 702 views

How many people should I get to proofread my college essays and go over my application?

How many people should I get to proofread my college essays and go over my application? Currently I have one peer review and one from my guidance counselor.

Makayla’s Avatar
Makayla Sep 30, 2023 260 views

How would a 13 y/o look for a job ?

I am 13 years old grade and wondering how to save money up and get a job and work for a car

iyana’s Avatar
iyana Sep 29, 2023 305 views

Best way to take notes for class?

Hey, it can be challenging to focus in class and take notes; so what are some effective note-taking strategies?

Jesus’s Avatar
Jesus Sep 27, 2023 214 views

Would having transferrable credits from a community college be useful if I'm on the fence about going to a 4 year college?

I heard about college credits from community colleges that people can transfer over to a 4 year college to save money in the long run. I'm not really sure if I want to attend a 4 year college but would it be good to have transferrable credits just in case I make the decision to attend a 4 year...

Kathryn’s Avatar
Kathryn Sep 27, 2023 324 views

How do I know which path is right for me?

I am having a very hard time choosing between going into welding and becoming a lawyer or going into the national guard how do I know which to choose

Levi’s Avatar
Levi Sep 27, 2023 305 views

What should my ideal grades be?

What should I do, I would like to go into a medical field later in my life along with going into an ivy league school considering that my question is what should my ideal grades for middle and high school be.

Alber’s Avatar
Alber Sep 27, 2023 649 views

How many classes do I have to fail to not graduate from college?

How many Classes do I need to pass?

Rahmah’s Avatar
Rahmah Sep 25, 2023 166 views

When is the best age to start working ?

What is the best job to get when you’re between the ages 13 and 17?

Adilay’s Avatar
Adilay Sep 26, 2023 297 views

what different routes can you take with a degree in psychology?

I've seen some people say that a degree in psychology can be useful in business, too. What other kinds of jobs could you use the degree in that most people might not think of?

Adilay’s Avatar
Adilay Sep 26, 2023 283 views

is a therapist/counselor different than a psychologist?

what are the differences if they are not the same thing?

Gage’s Avatar
Gage Sep 24, 2023 152 views

How do you get money?

How do you get money

Lacey’s Avatar
Lacey Sep 24, 2023 279 views

What’s the best way to be responsible with money?

Btw I’m in the 11th grade and I’m getting ready to start my new job.

emma’s Avatar
emma Sep 20, 2023 626 views

How long does it take to become a psychologist past high school?

What kind of accomplishments do you need to be able to become a psychologist? how long does it take? Did certain colleges interest you more because of their specialties?