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Naomy Jan 26 490 views

How can I learn this? or where?

I would like to become a vegetarian for pets for example # How much will it cost How many years? and if there are programs for learning pet medicine or animal doctor

Autumn’s Avatar
Autumn Jan 26 693 views

How to prepare for the SAT ?

What can I do to prepare for the SAT

Matt’s Avatar
Matt Jan 26 1533 views

How important is attending college?

My name is Matt, lately i have been weighing my options and feel like I don’t need a college degree to be successful but i am afraid of making a mistake in my career path.

Kanchon’s Avatar
Kanchon Jan 25 692 views

What is the benefit to be a doctor ?

I want to be a doctor. Now what i do for it?

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Jan 24 862 views

What is your best advice for getting more experience in the journalism world if I want to be a journalist or write for a magazine What are the best things I can do and focus on now to adequately prepare me for the future and make me a competitive job candidate??

I am a college sophomore looking for a summer internship. I've written for a few publications and have self-published a poetry book.

Emmanuel’s Avatar
Emmanuel Jan 21 1123 views

How do I become a better YouTuber?

-I'm 17 Years
-My YouTube channel is called (EJHitemup)
- I have 618 subscribers.
-Also still in HS

Asa’s Avatar
Asa Jan 19 988 views

How did you continue to pursue such a difficult career with everyone telling you to “have a realistic plan”?

I’m still a freshman in high school but acting is my passion and I’ve never been more sure of wanting to do something for the rest of my life so I just want to know. It might be worth noting that I’m also good at script writing which is the career my parents are trying to nudge me more towards...

Amna’s Avatar
Amna Jan 20 921 views

What is the best course to study in college?

Hi, I'm 14 years old grade 9th student. I'm good in science but also interested in enterpreneur. What is the best course for me to study in college?

Jayden’s Avatar
Jayden Jan 20 752 views

How to make some money for a 13 year old?

So I can start saving for a car

Odilia’s Avatar
Odilia Jan 20 1019 views

How can I start looking in a career I’m interested in or makes money ?

As a fifteenth year old and a rising junior with no job experience how can I start with selecting a career and choosing to go or to not go to college.

John’s Avatar
John Jan 21 701 views

How can I get better in algebra?

I am pretty good at it but I would like to get better in order to move on to learning about financial literacy and how to use it in my own way so that I’m able to learn more about it.

Caren’s Avatar
Caren Jan 21 821 views

Why is it so hard to be successful ?

How can someone be active

Sophie’s Avatar
Sophie Jan 15 952 views

What is the difference between biology and art?

How can i achieve my career

billy’s Avatar
billy Jan 19 838 views

what is the best way to learn math ? how i can advanced in learn math online courses or other way that fits me ? why online courses is the best from other way ?

what is the best way to learn math ?
how i can advanced in learn math online courses or other way that fits me ?
why online courses is the best from other way ?