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Kai’s Avatar
Kai Apr 01 296 views

How much does your college experience impact your future career?

Is it important to be in a good college for a prestigious career.

Preya’s Avatar
Preya Feb 29 246 views

What steps can I take to align my career aspirations with the current market demands and emerging trends in my field?

What steps can I take to align my career aspirations with the current market demands and emerging trends in my field?

Payton’s Avatar
Payton Feb 16 502 views

In your career do you think you fit the stereotype?

I am a sophomore in high school, I want to know how well people fit into their careers and the characteristics needed for the job.

Diego’s Avatar
Diego Feb 18 954 views

is it hard working a full-time job?

is it hard working a full-time job if it is tell me thanks.

sarah’s Avatar
sarah Dec 07, 2023 301 views

What are some good personal qualities a person should work towards having to be successful in a career with computer science?

I am a high school student who is in a comp sci class considering options as a computer science major or coder. I don't know what is required and what kind of attributes as a 16 year old I should work towards.

Shannon’s Avatar
Shannon Nov 26, 2023 805 views

How impactful do my high-school sophomore grades impact my chances of getting accepted?

I go to an academically challenging school, and after hitting the ground running freshman year, I hit the sophomore slump with less As than I'd like. I even got my first C. My grades in junior year are all As and A+s.

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Oct 06, 2023 417 views

How do you avoid Speaking negatively about yourself in interviews? Directly and indirectls

When it comes to interviews, I have trouble coming up with something good and positive to say about myself. With little experience in interviews, I find that in my practice answers, I subconsciously say something negative about myself, indirectly or directly. Now, I'm being more vigilant in...

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Oct 06, 2023 375 views

What questions you, as an interviewer, would like to hear the person you're interviewing ask?

As a current computer engineering student who desires to go into electrical engineering-based jobs, I'm curious about questions that stand out to you positively.

What piques your interest in a candidate? What kinds of questions do they ask that can set them apart from other people applying?

Addison’s Avatar
Addison Sep 18, 2023 262 views

My question is, am I doing the right thing? All of my classes are online which means I can do them anytime I want and I'm not in a rush. But I don't enjoy doing it, I hate having online classes because I'm always by myself. Does my happiness really matter if I don't enjoy what I'm doing but I have good grades??

My favorite hobbies are reading, photography, and listening to music. I always wanted to become an influencer, but people told me that it would be a terrible idea. So, I had to choose my plan B which is Business Administration. But I am feeling unhappy with this decision.

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Sep 16, 2023 307 views


If i get a interveiw with managmnt what should i ask them about the job?

Nio’s Avatar
Nio Sep 11, 2023 736 views

How do you fight the urge to "rest on your laurels" and instead consistently seek to make your company better?

I'm a senior at Georgia Southern University studying finance. I have considered pursuing a career in either financial analysis or financial planning, but I think I'm leaning more toward the analysis route.

Osvaldo’s Avatar
Osvaldo Sep 04, 2023 402 views

What are all the careers available for college/highschool?

I am still not sure what I want to do exactly so I want to see what there is for careers and jobs.

J’s Avatar
J Aug 27, 2023 640 views

How will this help me in the long run to pass through life ?

How will this help me in the long run to pass through life ? I am currently in college now and everything seems to be going to quick for me. Please remind me why this is important.

Lola’s Avatar
Lola Jul 25, 2023 258 views

How do you for sure know that you have picked a long-term job that you will enjoy and thrive in?

How much time does it typically take in college to find out if you're doing what you want to do later in life
When you're working but having second thoughts
Should you seek jobs with areas you're good at, or ones that make you happy