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Can my Major be completely different than my minor?

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I want to major in Business and my minor to be interior designing.
I want to be an event planner when I grow up, but also have experience in interior designing to be a stager if that does not follow through.
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3 answers

Steve’s Answer

Yes, you can major and minor in completely different fields. And I think you really should. Here's an example of why: Steve Jobs audited a class on typography and calligraphy while in college and years later while working on the original Macintosh, he insisted that the Mac offer multiple fonts. He was sure, had he not taken this class, we still wouldn't have fonts on personal computers today. Certainly we wouldn't have gotten them in Windows for years and years. I majored in marketing and minored in computer science--my two passions. Design is an excellent minor for almost anyone. Nowadays most of us don't need calculus nearly as much as we need user interface design. Look for a way to leverage your skills and passions to serve as a foundation for your education. You'll get better grades on things that hold your interest. And then look to apply those skills in your work life. But don't worry if your first job isn't something you studied. Life is a journey and it's rare to find someone who is doing in their 30s what they studied in their 20s. You're going to be working for 50+ years. It's better (and easier) if you like what you're doing.

Cait’s Answer


By studying two very different fields you'll be able to cultivate different skill sets. When I was in college I chose to double major in Marketing and Women's Studies which couldn't be more opposite. Beyond just the pure differences in subject matter you may find that the two areas of study approach learning in different ways. My Marketing major was very group-project focused where my Women's Studies major was much more independent study-based. This allowed me to develop in very different ways and has been a major benefit in my professional career.

The two fields that you've picked seem like a natural pairing and would position you very nicely for the professional world. I think that Steve's comments above are absolutely fantastic and agree with him wholeheartedly.

Maria’s Answer


Congratulations! You are at a great start in your career. Business and Design complement each other beautifully. Especially if your goal is to establish you own design/event business. Most interior designerslack the business aspect. I know a few of them with very talented and creative minds that can't run their own business. At some point their worries about managing and money issues take a toll in their creativity. Go for Mayor in Business and cultivate your creativity visit well design places and seek the company of creative people and you'll be in your way to be a sucessful designer entrepreneur.