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How to balance romance and studying?

How to balance romance and studying? #work-life-balance #time-management #family

Depends on what you're doing at school & how your relationship is. I started college at 35 married w/ 4 kids & graduated right after I turned 40 while working full-time. Couldn't have done it without my wife's support & it did put a strain on our relationship. Set aside time each day for both (if you don't, one or both will suffer). If he/she is a student he/she likely has the same problem & you should be able to figure that out with them. If not, then time management becomes even more important. Make a date time every or most days with your love interest, & make a point to meet then, or at least call, which for some people is like being there. Let them know how important they are & that you're trying to get things straightened out so your time together can be special. Lonnie Rudd

Agreed with Lonnie. Time management, discipline and commitment for both of your goals. When creating a time table allow room for rest or spontaneous too. Speak and be loving, yet firm and don't make the other feel that they are less of either. It's not easy but be alert to know how they believe they are being considered. Furgencio Herrera

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9 answers

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Alena’s Answer

What a great question - one that reflects one of life's ongoing, perpetual challenges: How Do I Balance What I Want to do for the pure pleasure of it and What I Need to do to ensure that my school work (which will become job and home) are well tended. If the balance goes too far in either direction, there are negative consequences.

The answer is time management and self discipline - easy to say, a challenge to do.

I do this by setting aside blocks of time for each. On the weekends, I often have 1 "be productive" day and 1 "play day" when I get to do all the fun stuff. When a weekend is coming up and I have lots of fun stuff planned, I set aside an hour a day prior to the fun weekend to do what needs to be done - clean my home, pay bills, run errands, etc. And then I get to play all weekend. (YAY!!!)

Balancing my time an energy leads to happiness that is well worth the effort.

Alena recommends the following next steps:

Take some time to write down all the things you need to do. For example, math needs 5 hours per week, history needs 2 hours per week, etc.
Write out a schedule for when you'll be doing these things. For example, 2.5 hours on Monday and 2.5 on Wednesday. Tuesday is my night off.
Bonus Activity: Try to enjoy both what you want to do and what you need to. It's all about attitude. You can see studying for what it is - an investment in your future well being and ability to provide a quality standard of living. You can also make studying more fun by taking period dance breaks - getting up and moving to your fav song(s) every hour. You may be surprised at what happens. I do this with my job and it makes every hour easier. It's also better for your health.

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Melisa’s Answer

Hi Kisan.

Thanks for your question. As others shared, it can be challenging to balance everything you have to do and desire to do. However, making time for yourself and the things you enjoy, can help you manage stress and enable you to do more of the things you want to do, like have a relationship or romance.

I found it helpful to block time on my calendar for studying or reading and then block additional time in between these and work meetings so I am not constantly getting booked in back-to-back events. That way, I have a little break in between.

I have two college age daughters, both of them are dating and one is in grad school. My daughter and her boyfriend will sometimes spend time together at the library or someplace quiet where they can both study, but can still spend time together. After they finish studying or ace a test, they can reward themselves with a quick meal out or walk in the park, etc. but only after they've finished what they set out to accomplish. They help keep each other focused on their goals.

Best wishes to you in your future goals.

#work-life-balance #time-management #family

Melisa recommends the following next steps:

If you're in a relationship, be sure to set guidelines and make your education goals known so it is a priority for both of you.
Check out this individual's perspective on balancing studying, college and a romantic relationship. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=how+to+balance+romance+and+studying&docid=608009171181440981&mid=95BE2960C6B1EF12624295BE2960C6B1EF126242&view=detail&skipintro=1&FORM=VIREHT

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Amy’s Answer

Hi Kisan

In my own experience i manage to balance my romantic life pretty easy, the thing here is that you need to find a partner that really understand you and shares the same goals as you, I found my boyfriend at a very young age and we are still together after 13 years, I will say the key is always communication.

I really want to express that I was lucky because I saw my friends getting into complicated relationships and not being able to find the balance between dating and studying, but what work for us was setting times either to dates and to study, I remember we went to the library together but there we study apart since we major in different areas, but we always keep the communication open and even now we talk about work and we give each other advice regarding our career.

I would strongly recommend look for someone that helps you be a better version of you, that does not hold you back and allows you to grow, so you can both grow together, because you never know if a simple date could become a relationship.

Everything in life is about balance and sharing experiences so don’t overthink and just enjoy!

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Melissa’s Answer

Hi Kisan, this is an interesting question that I wouldn’t be surprised if you receive different responses to. Perhaps as a suggestion, I would limit interaction to schedule date time with slightly lesser dates around midterm and finals studying. Open communication to help provide the structure needed to get your schoolwork done would be super helpful in advance of when you need to hunker down. If your romantic partner has issues with understanding your study needs, vice-versa, your compatibility might come into question. Many romantic attachments have survived academic needs though, so you shouldn’t have to worry if you need to dedicate a little extra time to your school work.

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Martina’s Answer

It is important to prioritize and not allow distractions to keep you from meeting your goals. Work/Life balance is important. Please make sure you allot time for studying ( Make a schedule). As well as allot time for romance. There will be some days or weekends in which you may not have a social life due to studying but keep in mind, hard work pays off.

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Krista’s Answer

Set priorities, that will help you with everything in life. You have to have a very clear goal and a plan to create success, write down why you want that and also think about what you will regret when you don't reach your goal. If your goal is a degree, make that your highest priority. A romance is sweet and nice but you don't know if that is the love of your life. A degree is. Plan time together when you have that time availble. When you don't, then don't

Krista recommends the following next steps:

Find ways to learn faster, read faster and maybe it will give you more free time for your romance. Jim Kwik is an expert on learning faster and you can find lots about it online: https://youtu.be/0r1LTe5KkSA

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Nicholas’s Answer

The best way to prioritize your life is to focus on your career and performance in school first, and make time for your loved ones later. I am a full supporter of love and friendship, but your are a student first. Don't forget what you're here for, and focus on supporting that love for years to come.

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Alex’s Answer

Romance and studying are hard to balance but can be done. The key is to make time for both. Let studying come first but not at the expense of romance. Set time and a good schedule. I struggled with this a lot and would focus more on romance and skip the studying until last minute. This led to a lot of unneeded stress.

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Samantha’s Answer

For the first two years of my relationship I was at college and my partner was still in high school. We both went to school and did homework throughout the week and on weekends I would come home and we would see each other. We whenever we weren't in class or sports (since we both played).

Communication is huge in a relationship in general but especially when things become stressful. Once my partner graduated we went to the same school and sometimes we had the same classes. I was able to help him and he was able to help me.

My best advice is to be there and support one another. Things are going to be tough at some points. School can be stressful and understanding that and supporting one another through it can help so much.