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Shayla May 11, 2016 22267 views

Why did you become an auditor?

I just heard about this job. I'm great with numbers, and do well in math class in high school, but this job sounds kind of boring. Do you like your job as an auditor? Is it really as boring as it sounds staring at spreadsheets and numbers all day? I'd also like to hear why you chose to become...

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Abinaya Jun 29, 2016 1723 views

How do I know when it is time to leave my job

for my career #doctor #engineer #teacher #scientist #dancer #leader

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Kiara Aug 16, 2018 857 views

How can I make college worth it?

For a Finance Major:
Which clubs are worth taking?
Should I start internships right away?
Is it smart to graduate in 3 years?

#college #finance #internships #scholarships #honorscollege

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andre Apr 29, 2019 1039 views

are there youtube college

#college #college-bound

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Gianna Jul 27, 2019 1056 views

How do I invest in the stock market?

Hello, I am a first year finance major at a university and I have been researching various types of investments. I am interested in investing some of my money in the DOW, S&P and Amazon. I do not know which brokerage firm is the best, or if ETF's are the best choice or how to even start...

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Temitope Sep 06, 2019 1241 views

Describe school in one word


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Kelli Aug 22, 2018 674 views

Should I go into an internship that is related to my major?

#internships #majors #internship

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sarah May 22, 2018 847 views

Surviving school away from home

I am excited about leaving home and pursuing my education... What tips do you have to help me be successful when I am on my own?

Sarah #family #vet

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Isaia Jan 31, 2020 343 views

What does a typical day look like for a brick layer?


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Pakkapol Jun 24, 2015 1635 views

What do I do to become a better cook

I want to know this because I love to cook and I like to make different food with the ingredients in front of me. I want to cook for my family cause I need to help them when I grow up. So please help me so I wont have to be helpless. Thank you #chef #family

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Sean Mar 25, 2015 3800 views

How beneficial will a business major be ?

I Know it will be hard after college to get a job with a business major so I want to know whats out there #business #finance #accounting #marketing #accountant

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Corbin Oct 03, 2019 819 views

What is your first interview like

Im a student at job corps #interviews

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Mark May 19, 2016 1367 views

How do I manage to find out which type of accounting firm is the right one for me?

Having an accounting job after college is something I am very excited to pursue and work hard for. However, I do not know which types of firms I should apply for. I know I should go and look at all types of firms, but what makes a work-place the "right one"? #business #finance #accounting #economics

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Adalberto Apr 05, 2019 1489 views

What steps would you recommend I take to prepare to enter the field of accounting?

#accounting #business #finance #accountant

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Bahara Jan 07, 2020 3190 views

I am Majoring in Accounting and I am struggling with my Accounting courses.

I am in my third year of university and I have to decide before it 's too late. I am planning to switch my major in Accounting into minor and major in international business. I need some advise regarding the employment of my chosen minor and major. Moreover, I need guidance if I am making the...