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How beneficial will a business major be ?


I Know it will be hard after college to get a job with a business major so I want to know whats out there #business #finance #accounting #marketing #accountant

15 answers

Lindsey’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

Having a business degree shouldn't make it hard to get a job after college - it's a great degree. It could be challenging if you're looking for a Wall Street type job, but otherwise, it's a great base to have, especially if you're going into a marketing role. Most undergrad degrees don't matter anyhow since you'll learn most skills on the job - employers are just looking for people who have challenged themselves in college and have some of the polish that the additional education adds. Plus, it's never bad to have business skills, such as accounting knowledge, the ability to read a company's annual report, etc.

As Lindsey points out, a business degree will give you plenty of options. Starting with an interest in business is great. Once you are in college you can slowly decide if you want to focus on an area such as finance, marketing, accounting, management, or information systems. You will also get exposure to all sorts of industries. You might find you want to be an accoutant focused on healthcare companies, work on technology to help Wall Street traders, or join the marketing department of a major clothing retailer. There are many different types of jobs in the business world, so I suspect you will find some that are particularly interesting to you.
Having a business degree should open many doors as it did for me, you will have many different opportunity in the business field, including customer service, finance, marketing and many different opportuinities in business. If you choose to Major in Business administration will get you really rounded for the business field.
A business degree provides a strong foundation upon which to build a business career. It is a broad degree and should enable you pursue an entry level job in many industries. I would encourage you to take research a variety of industries and determine in advance which you find most interesting. Ideally you could find an internship or part-time role in your preferred industries to set you apart from other candidates once you graduate. Good luck in your future endeavors!
I agree that it's a great, broad degree to have and can take you in several directions. A business degree will give you great overall knowledge in a vast field and help to get your foot in the door with a variety of skills. You can also minor in something a little more specific to your interests/skill level to help hone in on what you want to do.

Brian’s Answer

Updated Jacksonville, Florida

A business degree is probably the most versatile college degree a future employee can possess. A strong business foundation is relevant to almost any career you'll have. Whether you get into a traditional business role such as HR, Finance or accounting, or general management....or you decide to be a doctor, start your own business, or even get into a career as a software engineer...a business degree is very transferable and useful.

That being said, if you aren't sure what you want to do career wise, a business degree helps cast a wide net in the available job pool.

Bill’s Answer

Updated Newark, Delaware

Hi Sean, this is a very insighful question. I would suggest you consider what area of business: Marketing, Finance/Accounting, Human Resources, Management, etc., seems to interest you the most. If you are not sure, research the roles,responsibilities and career path of the various business specializations. An easy way to do this would be to research the business major concentratons on the web site of colleges you are interested in or top business schools. They will also list the courses, potential job titles, etc. You can minor in a business speciality as well. If you can determine what aspects of business excite and interest you, it will make selecting the type of business degree and major area of study easier.v Good luck!!!

Ann Marie’s Answer

Updated Newark, Delaware

This question is quite vague. There are many different areas in business that you can get a degree. A business degree in general has been stated to be helpful in getting a job; however, if you like a particular area of business, you may want to specialize. Personally, I enjoy math and started with a technology undergraduate degree that I complemented with a Masters in Business Administration. Many aspects of business did capture my attention later.

Giuseppe’s Answer

Updated Brookline, Massachusetts

Can you provide some more detail on your concerns? I studied business in college and graduated into the recession and still did quite well. I'm not sure I agree with the premise of your question.

Jonathan’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

I think it really depends on what you're trying to learn. A place to start looking is https://www.linkedin.com/edu/, which can help you check out specific universities, and where people with a specific major ended up.

I studied Political Science in undergrad, and it taught me how to think, analyze, and problem solve. I don't use my degree directly in my day job though, but I figured out how to make sure I got the right things out of it. If you were to study business, you would have a bunch of transferable skills that employers are looking for as well.

Luke’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

Depending on what type of business degree you earn, there are various jobs and career opportunities in business. I had similar concerns when deciding on my specific business major, and my accounting degree has been a good decision as there is high demand in my field. However, I would recommend finding a balance between what degree will find you a job and also one you enjoy. Best of luck!

Madhumita’s Answer

Updated Somerville, Massachusetts

Hi! While looking at business programs, I think what will help you the most is figuring out what in the business field you're most interested in. Majoring in business is very broad, and often ends up turning into some sort of mix of communications, economics, accounting and marketing- but they're all so different and deep subjects!

Try reading (and by reading I mean skimming headlines, at least until you find things you like) magazines and online articles about business, technology, marketing, economics, and notice what pops out at you. You may be more drawn to certain subjects, and then you'll be closer to figuring out how a business degree can benefit you the most!

Maria’s Answer

Updated California, California

If you had a technical degree and background as I did, having a business degree (MBA in my case) helped me quickly understand the business world so it helped to level the playing field for what I needed to know. My business program actually did a year abroad (Spain in my case) and I had a chance to learn about the business world in US, but elsewhere as well. Would highly recommended such a program for those looking to do global business. It opens up the opportunities in so many ways (did 14 expat assignments, lived and worked in over 60 countries). Good luck!

Natalya’s Answer

Updated San Ramon, California

Hi Sean!

My advice is to specialize in finance or accounting or something like that if you want to go the business route, get an advanced degree, or start your own company. Business is a pretty generic degree for undergrad so you may want to consider having a minor in something more specific, or studying something specific on your own, that you're interested in, to round out the program.

Good luck!

Great advice. I crossed my interest in business with psychology and ended up in advertising. Both have served me well, and much better than if I had studied just one subject.

Lauren’s Answer

Updated Cambridge, Massachusetts

The question is what do you want to do?

I'll never forget what my father told me: "Do what you love, and the money will follow." Take that advice, and pick a major you will enjoy!

Dana’s Answer

Updated California, California

Business is an excellent major choice as it can be used in so many lines of work. For example, if you are an entrepreneur, you will need business skills. Or if you work in a large corporation. In addition, skills you learn in business can also help you manage your personal finances.

Vidya’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

I have a business degree (minors in MIS and Finance) and found that it wasn't as useful until I coupled it with another degree (accounting). My business program covered various areas and didn't drill down as thoroughly as I wanted. When I started in my career, I found the accounting degree more useful (I was an auditor). However, as I've grown in my career, I've found the business degree more valuable as it helps me more strategic in my decision-making. Good luck in your decision!

Andrew’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

Business degrees can be great but they are also a very general degree as well. Develop an interest or speciality in a specific vertical and push forward on how you can apply the quantitative aspects of your business degree to those specific problems.

Andrea’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

A business degree is very useful. A offers a wide array of concentration opportunities: Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Accounting, Operations, and more. Most Universities will require you to take intro classes into some of those areas. I would suggest before picking a concentration, take those intro classes into the concentrations, and try to envision what a career in those fields would be like. Most college professors have contacts in the field, ask for references and meet with professionals. I entered college thinking I would be a Marketing major, and ended up loving Finance 101, and changed my major the next semester. Good luck!