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Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Apr 08, 2015 3824 views

Is writing a realistic profession?

I want to be a writer but I feel like it's impractical and unrealistic. #writing #writer

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Feb 25, 2015 1774 views

I am a very social person, do you think public relations is a good career choice for me?

Hello. I m a junior in high school and I am looking at different careers. I like to talk to people and I like to make new friends. I am a good communicator and I don't mind being in new situations. I also really like the film and fashion industry and really would want to make connections with...

Jazzmin’s Avatar
Jazzmin Mar 17, 2015 4857 views

Can I still become a journalist or work in that field, even if I study history in college?

I am a high school senior who wants to study history in college. I have been debating what career I might see myself in after college, and something with writing or journalism is one of them. #journalism #journalist

Christopher ’s Avatar
Christopher Mar 23, 2015 1284 views

How to become a successful writer?

In want to learn how to become a successful and noticeable writer. Also, knowing what could give me of a better chance to getting published. #author #journalist #fiction #fiction-writing #novel-writer #science-fiction

Jose Luis’s Avatar
Jose Luis Mar 23, 2015 1976 views

What career choices are there for someone who is looking for a job in psychology, but is also interested in computer engineering and social media?

I'm asking because I want to know if there's a profession out there that involves all these things I'm interested in. I like hands on things and working with people, but I also like technology. #psychology #computer-engineering #social-work #computer-engineer #online-media

Sean’s Avatar
Sean Mar 25, 2015 3876 views

How beneficial will a business major be ?

I Know it will be hard after college to get a job with a business major so I want to know whats out there #business #finance #accounting #marketing #accountant

Piper’s Avatar
Piper Jan 30, 2015 2336 views

I'm an 8th grader interested in exploring blogging. Where is the best place to launch a blog site? What platform would you recommend,- and what are some ways to get critical mass around a blog cross-market my blog.

I'm interested in pursuing fun stuff outside of school that will enable me to find a career path : ) #journalism #communications #web-marketing #member-experience #internet-technology #user-research

Zuli’s Avatar
Zuli Mar 19, 2015 1447 views

How often do recent law graduates get a job without having any previous internship experience at a law firm?

I am a high school senior perusing an education to become a criminal justice attorney. While I will make it a priority to get internship and experience, I recognize that it may be an obstacle. I want to know the likelihood of a job fresh out of college. #jobs #lawyer #internships #criminal-justice