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Indra K. Oct 22, 2013 8356 views

Was it hard to have a job during college?

I want to go to a four year college in Boston, and I think I am going to need to work during college. I will have some scholarships and maybe loans but I heard that they don't pay for books or food. For people who worked during college, was it hard? What did you do for your job and how did you...

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Arisleily T. Mar 07, 2014 5269 views

Is it better to go straight to a University or Community College ?

I always hear it is better going straight to a University than a Community College how come? #education #career-paths...


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Daniel Z. Mar 11, 2014 951 views

Would it be better to go to a community college or a four year college?

At this point I am a junior in high school, and I am wondering if I should go to a community college. I have my sister telling me that going to one could help you complete the general ed much cheaper. However, I have my parents pressuring me to go straight to a four year school....


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Jamie W. Apr 30, 2014 2979 views

do you think it is smarter to go to community college first or to a university first?

i am going to college next year and i am just not quite sure which to pick #teaching #teacher #colleges #principal #friends #community...


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Linda L. May 07, 2014 1097 views

How is it like going to college?

I know this is not related to careers, but it does go hand in hand with careers. I'm afraid of the unknown, especially my future. i don't know if I'm going to be successful or not. Of course I wish be be successful in a profession that I favor, but what if all the hard work I've done gets me no...


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Tabitha M. May 25, 2014 6687 views

Is accounting a good career for someone who doesn't particularly like talking with alot of people?

I need to find a good career and I don't really like being around people all that much. I feel like if I brushed up on my math, I could do a good job in this field. #accounting...


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Dylan D. Dec 16, 2014 978 views

What careers can be reached with a background in accounting?

I am a junior in high school and considering the financial careers that can be obtained with an accounting degree. #finance #accounting #career-paths...


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Cindy H. Jan 13, 2015 1550 views

Is it better to go to a 4-year college or transfer in from a community college?

I'm debating whether I should go straight to a 4 year or transfer in from a community college. #college...


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Sean D. Mar 25, 2015 1806 views

How beneficial will a business major be ?

I Know it will be hard after college to get a job with a business major so I want to know whats out there #business #finance #accounting #marketing...


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Raina R. May 20, 2016 1725 views

Do many students work on or off campus in collge? How easy is it to find a part-time job?

I am asking this question because I am considering working while on campus. Although I have been told it is a very strenuous thing to do whether on or off campus, i would still like some professional input as well. #work #college-jobs...


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Gabriella A. May 20, 2016 567 views

What should I do in college to help me stand out when looking for a job after I graduate?

Looking for a job after college can be tough and I would like to know how I can make myself stand out to future employers. #college #job #hiring...


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Veronica F. May 20, 2016 478 views

Is doing online college a bad thing?

I would like to know if online college would look worse on a resume than just attending and graduating from a normal college. #college #resume...