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Can I start my own fitness business?

I love running, being physically active, health , and nutrition . I also work really well with others and I want to start a business. I'm from Los Angeles and I want to have my own gym with a health center where families can learn about nutrition and stay fit.

Does this goal sound realistic for someone like me? What will it take for me to actually make this happen? What are some internships that can help me get a head start or a better understanding of the fitness and business industry ? #business #health #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur #nutrition #physical-fitness

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3 answers

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Alex’s Answer

I agree with Gary. Fitness / health is a terrific business to be in. In addition to personal training (which is a great foundation) I have colleagues who are Health Coaches. They have training in nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle health. I also have colleagues who coaches who specialize in coaching runners. They build training plans to help runner meet new goals.
There are also very cool non-profit running based businesses - Girls on the Run is excellent! There is an LA council: http://gotrla.org/. Maybe check them out?!

I love running, too. I coach an after school running program for 3-5th graders. It is an incredible way for kids to build their self esteem. I have seen kids who thought they had no athletic skills run a whole mile - they are so proud!!!

Run on, Karla!

I also enjoy seeing people become more confident because of running! Thanks for the link I'm going to look further into it and see if there are any internship spots available for me. Karla B.

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Gary’s Answer

That is a good question, my daughter does this so thought I would answer.
Fitness is a very good and flexible (no pun intended) :) business to be in ... you can work from an actual gym, have a fitness center in your own building, work for a business that has a fitness center or be totally independent as a Personal Trainer.
There are a lot of options... here is a link to get you started learning more about fitness careers:

Good luck!

Thanks for the link this was super helpful! Karla B.

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Laura’s Answer

Hi Karla,

Since folks have already given you some suggestion for researching specific careers in the fitness industry, I'll share a few thoughts from the practical side. I think one of the best ways to get a sense of what you're interested in is by getting in on the ground floor and observing the higher level positions. This is most accessible if you are coming from of situation without experience. That way you get an idea of what experience you want to obtain. For example, you could get a job as a desk or host position at a health club or yoga studio, etc. and that would give you access to the trainers, management, massage therapists, etc.. Maybe that would show you that you'd be really interested in becoming a trainer, or maybe that you want to eventually manage or even own a fitness business. Once you have an idea about those roles, you'd have more information of what training, knowledge or degrees you'll need to accomplish your goals.