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Are there any research/volunteering/internship opportunities related to med for grade 11/12 students? ?

Can you please send some links or websites for any opportunities either online or in-person in Canada, Ontario? Thank you!

Thank you comment icon Sure thing, let's make your Canadian adventure a breeze! A quick Google search will be your best friend in finding the information you need. Canada is brimming with amazing activities that promise fantastic experiences. All you need to do is dive in, explore, and pick the one that tickles your fancy. Happy searching! Martin Schoen

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5 answers

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Abhilasha’s Answer

Absolutely! There's always room for individuals eager to make a positive difference in society.

Take a look at these opportunities:

1. The Canadian Red Cross in Ontario offers various volunteer roles that you can explore. Check out their site here:

2. You can also consider local opportunities in your area. Here's a useful map to help you find them:

3. The YMCA offers a program for youth volunteers, where you can assist in camping or reception duties.

4. Newcomers Centers are also a great place to lend a hand and make a difference.

Remember, every little bit of help counts! Hope this information is useful to you!
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Laura’s Answer

The American Red Cross! Also, you can use
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James Constantine’s Answer

Hello Siddhi,

Research/Volunteering/Internship Opportunities in Medicine for Grade 11/12 Students in Canada, Ontario

There are several opportunities available for high school students in Canada, specifically in Ontario, who are interested in gaining experience in the field of medicine through research, volunteering, or internships. Here are some resources and websites where you can find such opportunities:

Hospital Volunteer Programs: Many hospitals offer volunteer programs for high school students interested in healthcare. These programs provide valuable exposure to various medical professions and the healthcare environment. You can check with local hospitals in Ontario, such as Toronto General Hospital, SickKids Hospital, or Ottawa General Hospital, to inquire about their volunteer opportunities for high school students.

University Research Programs: Universities often have research programs that welcome high school students to participate and gain hands-on experience in medical research. Institutions like the University of Toronto, McMaster University, and Western University may have programs specifically designed for high school students interested in medicine.

Online Platforms: Websites like Volunteer Canada ( and CharityVillage ( list a variety of volunteer opportunities across different sectors, including healthcare. You can search for medical-related volunteer positions on these platforms that may be suitable for high school students.

Youth Organizations: Organizations like Youth Science Canada ( or Youth Opportunities Unlimited ( may also offer programs or resources for high school students interested in exploring careers in medicine through research or volunteering.

Local Community Centers: Community centers and youth organizations in your area may also have information on medical-related opportunities for high school students. It’s worth reaching out to these local resources to inquire about any available programs or initiatives.

Healthcare Foundations: Some healthcare foundations and organizations run specific programs aimed at engaging youth in healthcare-related activities. For example, The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) Foundation may have initiatives targeted towards high school students.

Remember to always check the eligibility criteria and application deadlines for each opportunity you are interested in pursuing. Additionally, networking with professionals in the field of medicine and reaching out to local clinics or healthcare facilities can also help you discover potential opportunities for gaining experience in the medical field as a high school student.

Top 3 Authoritative Sources Used:

Volunteer Canada: Volunteer Canada is a reputable organization that connects volunteers with opportunities across various sectors, including healthcare.

CharityVillage: CharityVillage is a well-known platform that lists volunteer positions within the charitable sector, including healthcare-related opportunities.

Youth Science Canada - Ontario Region: Youth Science Canada’s Ontario branch provides resources and information on science-related programs and opportunities for youth, which may include medical research options for high school students.

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Julia’s Answer

See if any of your hospitals or nursing homes near accept volunteers!
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Hakeem Ola’s Answer

Yes, there are numerous research, volunteering, and internship opportunities related to medicine for grade 11/12 students:
Research Opportunities:
1. High School Summer Research Programs:
- NIH Summer Internship Program: Offers opportunities for students to work with leading scientists in biomedical research.
- Stanford Institutes of Medicine Summer Research Program (SIMR)**: Provides research opportunities in biological and medical sciences.
- Research Science Institute (RSI) at MIT: A prestigious program where students conduct research at MIT.
2. Local University Programs:
- Many universities offer summer research programs for high school students. Check with local universities for any available programs.
- Hospital-Based Research: Some hospitals have research departments that offer internships for high school students. Contact local hospitals to inquire about opportunities.
Volunteering Opportunities:
1. Hospitals and Clinics:
- Volunteer at local hospitals or clinics. Roles might include assisting with patient care, administrative tasks, or helping with community outreach programs.
- Red Cross: Offers various volunteering opportunities, including in hospitals and health education programs.
2. Health-Related Nonprofits:
- Volunteer with organizations focused on health issues, such as the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, or local health-focused nonprofits.
- Hospice Care: Volunteer with organizations that provide care for terminally ill patients.
3. Community Health Programs:
- Participate in community health fairs, vaccination drives, or health education workshops.
Internship Opportunities:
1. Medical Internships for High School Students:
- National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC) on Medicine & Health Care**: Offers a pre-college program that includes hospital visits, lectures, and hands-on medical experience.
- Medical University Programs**: Some universities offer summer programs that include internships in medical fields for high school students.
2. Summer Camps and Workshops:
- Camp Cardiac and Camp Neuro: These are one-week summer day camps for high school students interested in exploring careers in medicine.
- Health Care Career Exploration Programs: Some medical schools offer programs where high school students can shadow healthcare professionals.
How to Find Opportunities:
1. School Guidance Counselor:
- Consult with your school guidance counselor for information on local opportunities and assistance with applications.
2. Online Searches:
- Use search terms like "high school medical internships," "pre-college medical programs," or "teen volunteering in hospitals" to find opportunities.
3. Networking:
- Reach out to family, friends, or acquaintances who work in the medical field to inquire about any available opportunities.
4. Contact Local Institutions:
- Contact local hospitals, universities, and health organizations directly to ask about volunteer and internship programs for high school students.
5. Youth Programs and Organizations:
- Check out youth programs such as **4-H** and **Scouts**, which sometimes offer health-related projects and badges.
By actively seeking out these opportunities, students can gain valuable experience, enhance their college applications, and get a head start on a career in the medical field.