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Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
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alexia May 22 175 views

Is this the right fit for the environments I am looking for?

I am interested in being a Ultrasound Technician. I work best in an environment with teamwork, relaxed pace, and structure. Is this a good fit for me?

Ahmad Khalid’s Avatar
Ahmad Khalid May 21 136 views

what are three questions that you would ask from a Nurse Anesthetists in interview?

some informational questions

Ruveyda’s Avatar
Ruveyda yesterday 158 views

Which career is better Occupational therapist or Medical Laboratory Technologist in Canada ?

I am studying Human Health Science (3rd year) which we learn more of anatomy and physiology also chemistry and biology. I am an introverted person however, I am a good team member and I like to interact with people but not for too long. And I want to have a chance to work part time or a...

Malak’s Avatar
Malak May 22 189 views

How can I become a pediatric nurse, right after graduation from nursing school with my bachelors of nursing#Spring24?

Hello, I’m a sophomore in college and finishing my pre-reqs for nursing and later on wanting to apply to nursing school to get my bachelors of nursing. And my main goal for becoming a nurse is not just in general I want to get into a special field like pediatric nurse and just what to know will...

Ahmad Khalid’s Avatar
Ahmad Khalid May 21 97 views

What are three informational interview questions you will ask from a Nurse anesthetists?

give me three questions.

Keariah’s Avatar
Keariah May 21 66 views

What is the best field to go into for health care ?

What is the best field to go in health care ?
Hey, I'm in the 11th grader at Northwestern high school in RockHill Sc when I graduate I would like to get my real estate license the summer before I go to collage I would like to attend a HBCU and major in nursing

Tiffany’s Avatar
Tiffany May 21 114 views

What Is the most challenging part of becoming a PA (Physician Assistant) And what is a good way to prepare for these challenges? #Spring24 ?

Additional Information about me is I'm really passionate about healthcare. And I enjoy it because I'm helping other people, feel like their best self. At the moment I am working on obtaining my CNA license. And plan on going to college to become a PA this really interested me because not only...

miranda’s Avatar
miranda May 22 140 views

Is there any Nurse Practitioner on here ?

I'm a student and have a few questions about Nurse Practitioner.

Dee’s Avatar
Dee May 21 116 views

What do you do in high school and college to become a midwife?

I am interested in the career of a midwife and I need some course guidance on it.

Niah’s Avatar
Niah May 21 120 views

Travel Nurse Or ER nurse?

I want to be a nurse. There are so many paths I can take to go into this feild, so, I was thinking about travel nursing or working in the ER. Can someone in either of these feilds tell me how they feel about working in this enviroment? What do you enjoy and what are some things that you don't...

Genesis’s Avatar
Genesis May 21 106 views

Advice for which medical job to get?

There's a variety of jobs in the medical field. However, I can't find the best fit for me. I would like something with good pay and good experience in working that field. Specifically, i would want recommendation's.

Macey’s Avatar
Macey May 21 246 views

What is the best way to get a foot in the door if you wanted to be an aesthetics nurse?

I am in 12th grade attending Clemson University as a Nursing major! As of right now I am interested in aesthetics nursing but I am also open to other things.

Madison’s Avatar
Madison May 21 162 views

What will you expect when being an intern for nursing?

I want to go into a healthcare and nursing career but I would like to know some things about being an intern before starting college.

Sierra’s Avatar
Sierra May 20 117 views

How would a surgical technologist remain out of the way during a procedure?

I am a 19 year old Job Corps student. I want to be a surgical technologist, and need tips on staying out of the surgeons way during a procedure.

Shandale’s Avatar
Shandale May 20 111 views

What is a day in life of a pediatrician ?

I am interested in learning more about it because I am looking into this field of medicine.