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What are the pros and cons of being a famous singer?

I see my favorite singers in music videos dancing and on world tours and concerts singing and having a blast and making lots of money. But I’ve also seen some of my favorite singers become depressed or angry because of the public (Doja Cat). Also she said that she’s a cash cow in one of her songs and I then found out you don’t make all the money you earn and most of it goes to the record label you work for. I want a list of pros and cons to see if my dream will really not be all that great.

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6 answers

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Aishwarya’s Answer

Tt's great that you're considering both sides of the coin when it comes to pursuing a career as a famous singer. Here are some of the pros and cons:


Public Recognition: Be known and admired by many.
Financial Rewards: Potential for substantial income.
Creative Expression: Outlet for emotions and storytelling.
Travel Opportunities: Experience different cultures and meet diverse people.
Collaboration: Work with talented individuals in the industry.

Lack of Privacy: Constant scrutiny from public and media.
Pressure and Stress: Need to consistently produce hits and maintain image.
Financial Exploitation: Risk of sharing large portions of earnings with others in the industry.
Inconsistent Income: Income can fluctuate based on popularity and sales.
Limited Personal Time: Career demands can limit time for personal life and relationships.
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Michelle’s Answer

Hello, Joshua !

There is some awesome advice to give as the others have and the good news is that you are not the people you see in music videos or concerts. You are your own person and you will bring to your career your own limits, philosophy, ethics and values. What you see in others' performances is a show. It's that simple. Performance can allow you to leave your worries and situations outside and be involved in the moment of performing. Never get an impression of how your career will be based on others because you will have your own journey which you will be in change of as a unique artist.

As an actor, I have performed under slight injuries as well as doing a musical while having a cold. The more experience you have, you will learn how it can be. It will also depend on what genre of singing you want to go into. Is it one genre or are you versatile ? Fame isn't a goal, it is presented to people based on cause and effect as well as knowing the right people in the right place at the right time. Fame is nothing to strive for. Enjoying your art is a very important goal.

No one can actually judge how much any singer, famous or not, receives. Many singers have stake in stocks, other companies, own copyrights and licenses that people buy from them and many other types of ventures for example fashion and perfume lines. They could own real estate or anything that would add to their wealth. Some also venture into the film industry as well. So having your mind on money before you even start a professional career will only cause you to worry and not begin. You have to have a strong passion for singing to be a singer, not the idea of fame and fortune.

Also, it's okay not to be famous or a millionaire. It's perfectly fine. Have a real life based on your talents. And as far as emotional instability, I sort of have a personal philosophy to share. I had come to believe that the people who get depressed or use drugs/alcohol and have problems with it are the same people who would be that way regardless of what type of career they had. It's the person, not the career. So please do not worry. There are ways around it. If you start with a sincere desire to entertain, you should be fine. Personal growth is vital before starting any career.

Again, no one can tell you how your career will go. You will have to choose the place, time, style(s), connections, networking sources, education route and everything that will build your unique career. Careers are not cut and dry because there are too many variables, to many dependent circumstances. Ask yourself if you really, really want to be a singer and if it's your calling. If there is a different reason why you want to go into it, it may take more consideration on your part. It is a serious business and you must be emotionally, socially and intellectually as well as spiritually ready for it.

No matter what you choose to do, I wish you all the best and success in your life !
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Edward’s Answer

Be sure to have the right people around you and know your business. Stay away from the party life, that is not what your music is about and if you get stuck in that scene you will find your gift suffers. Play anywhere and everywhere to be seen, hey Van Halen did house parties starting out so that can't be too bad a thing. Jam for free and sing your bottom off, never know who is watching or what offers might come. If you have musicians or artist, that you look up to go up and let them know you love and respect their gift of music and ask questions. Real true heartfelt artist will give you good honest advice. I met my fav Rock n Roll Icon Arthur Lee at 13 years old and even in his last days he still spoke to me and would tell me what not to do. Don't lose your passion for your gift and don't worry about what some people say, not everyone may like your style or voice but there is place for every type. Good Luck and Peace In Music to you my brother.
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Anna’s Answer

Hello Joshua,

It's fantastic to hear about your passion for singing and your aspiration to reach the stars! Just like you, there are many gifted musicians out there who have made their mark. Being famous comes with its own set of perks, like having a fan base who adores your music. However, it's not always sunshine and rainbows. You might also encounter people who don't appreciate your music and stir up negativity. But remember, it's crucial to stay authentic and true to your unique style of music.

To kickstart your journey, why not start performing at a local park or a bustling area? This can be a great opportunity for people to join in, enjoy your music, and get to know you. Once you're comfortable, you could reach out to restaurants or venues that are on the lookout for talented musicians to entertain their customers. This way, you can continue to perform across your town and make a name for yourself.

Wishing you all the best on your musical journey,
Thank you comment icon Thank you for the advice, Anna. Joshua
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Ademisoye’s Answer

Pursuing a career as a professional singer can be incredibly rewarding, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Here's a detailed look at the pros and cons, an explanation of why some artists don’t get all the money they earn, and strategies to avoid these pitfalls, including negotiation tips and the option of being an independent artist.

### Pros and Cons of a Singing Career

#### Pros
1. **Fame and Recognition:**
- Public recognition and admiration from fans worldwide.
2. **Creative Expression:**
- Opportunity to express yourself creatively and influence others.
3. **Financial Rewards:**
- Potential for substantial income from various sources.
4. **Travel Opportunities:**
- Experience different cultures and perform globally.
5. **Networking and Collaboration:**
- Collaborate with other talented artists and industry professionals.
6. **Personal Fulfillment:**
- Satisfaction and sense of achievement from pursuing your passion.

#### Cons
1. **Public Scrutiny and Pressure:**
- Constant scrutiny and pressure to maintain a public image.
2. **Mental Health Challenges:**
- Stress, anxiety, and depression due to industry pressures.
3. **Financial Exploitation:**
- Unfair contracts and significant earnings taken by record labels.
4. **Rigorous Schedule:**
- Exhausting tours and promotional activities.
5. **Inconsistent Income:**
- Unpredictable income and job security.
6. **Loss of Privacy:**
- Challenges in maintaining a normal life due to fame.
7. **Creative Control Issues:**
- Limited creative freedom due to record label control.

### Why Some Artists Don’t Get All the Money

Many artists sign contracts with record labels that take a significant portion of their earnings. These contracts often include:

- **Advances:** Labels provide upfront money to artists, which must be recouped from future earnings.
- **Royalties:** Labels take a large percentage of royalties from album sales, streaming, and other revenue sources.
- **Expenses:** Marketing, promotion, and production costs are often deducted from the artist’s share.
- **360 Deals:** Labels take a percentage of all income streams, including touring and merchandise.

### How to Avoid Financial Pitfalls

#### Negotiating Deals
1. **Hire a Competent Lawyer:**
- Ensure you have legal representation to review and negotiate contracts.
2. **Understand Your Contract:**
- Read and understand all terms and conditions, including recoupment clauses and royalty rates.
3. **Negotiate Terms:**
- Negotiate better terms, such as higher royalty rates, shorter contract durations, and fewer deductions.
4. **Retain Creative Control:**
- Ensure clauses that allow you to retain some level of creative control over your work.

#### Being an Independent Artist
1. **Full Control:**
- Maintain full control over your music, image, and career decisions.
2. **Higher Earnings:**
- Keep a larger share of your earnings since there is no label taking a cut.
3. **Flexibility:**
- More flexibility in how you release and promote your music.
4. **Ownership:**
- Retain ownership of your master recordings and intellectual property.

### Steps to Succeed as an Independent Artist
1. **Build a Strong Team:**
- Hire experienced professionals like managers, publicists, and booking agents.
2. **Leverage Social Media:**
- Use social media platforms to build a fan base and promote your music.
3. **Utilize Digital Distribution:**
- Use digital distribution services to get your music on streaming platforms.
4. **Crowdfunding:**
- Consider crowdfunding to finance your projects.
5. **Networking:**
- Network with other artists and industry professionals to open up collaboration and promotion opportunities.

### Conclusion

While a singing career offers exciting opportunities and rewards, it's essential to be aware of the challenges and pitfalls. By understanding the financial dynamics, negotiating favorable deals, or choosing the independent route, you can navigate the music industry more effectively and protect your interests.
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Mary Ann’s Answer

Hello Joshua.
It’s great to learn you want to pursue your passion of music and singing. That’s terrific and I encourage you to follow that dream.

I have been in the entertainment business for 40 years. Know, going in, that fame and fortune can be attained, but it takes incredible work to get there, and just as much work to “stay” there. It’s a very challenging industry and not for the meek. Dedication to your craft, a strong knowledge of the business of music, studying up on contracts, and taking good care of yourself are vital to your success.

Keep believing in yourself and learn as much as you can. Remain humble and trust with your mind.

I had a few really great mentors who helped guide me when I was younger, and I still continue to seek their advice.

Keep on going and if being a performer is your goal, you will get there.

All the best to you !!

Mary Ann