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Anna Cantella

Student studying occupational therapy
Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Joshua May 28 416 views

What are the pros and cons of being a famous singer?

I see my favorite singers in music videos dancing and on world tours and concerts singing and having a blast and making lots of money. But I’ve also seen some of my favorite singers become depressed or angry because of the public (Doja Cat). Also she said that she’s a cash cow in one of her...

Cathryn’s Avatar
Cathryn May 10 235 views

Why is it very rare and difficult to find female students doing engineering courses and how can they be positive about it?

Being a female student and someone who loves doing things like electrical ,i would love to see myself be among the few females' students who are going to encourage other females.

Alisha’s Avatar
Alisha May 17 456 views

How to finding good career?

I'm not sure what job I want to do after college

Tiana’s Avatar
Tiana May 17 544 views

How many jobs can i have?

Job searching

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Diego Apr 27 384 views

What is one skill that would you recommend for a freshman college student ?

What is one skill I should use in my freshman year of college to help me pass my classes and get a good structure on how like classes are going to be

Rose’s Avatar
Rose Sep 22, 2023 721 views

What is the best way to get an internship in skincare?

I'm really passionate about beauty and skincare and would love some advice on how to look for quality internship in that industry. Thanks in advance.

sienna’s Avatar
sienna Apr 28 421 views

As a freshman in high school, how can I gain working experience for psychology?

I take core classes in school, and outside of school I work alongside a non-profit organization to help cure depression

Karah-Mercy’s Avatar
Karah-Mercy Apr 24 119 views

How can I make sure that the field I am majoring in in college is something I can stay committed to? How can I be sure I won't lose my passion??

I will be majoring in dance this fall. I love performing and especially love this incredibly expressive and disciplinary art. How can I be sure this is a decision I will not regret?

Huy’s Avatar
Huy Jan 27 682 views

How do I improve my resume to get internship?

I am a 4th year mechanical engineering student at CSULB and looking to improve my skills and learn more experiences through internships and work experiences.

Cecilia’s Avatar
Cecilia Apr 16 214 views

I want to attend only cosmetology school but my mom makes it sound like I will be broke if I do this is this true?

I want to instead of college go to aveda can i still be successful?

James’s Avatar
James Apr 16 364 views

What is the best thing to do before you go into college?

tips and things

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Hasini Apr 08 564 views

How do I find a good internship related to Forensic Science?

I'm interested in forensic science and I recently did my finals, in BSc in biological sciences (chemistry, zoology and plant biotechnology) I applied for a Diploma in forensic medicine and toxicology which is to start this May. I hope to do my Masters abroad but at the moment I can't go abroad...

Shaw’s Avatar
Shaw Apr 06 313 views

As a College student, how can i be nice to Strangers?

i want to start being nice

Philip’s Avatar
Philip Dec 12, 2022 511 views

How can you stay consistent with a routine?

How can you stay consistent with a routine?

erin’s Avatar
erin Apr 04 429 views

What advice do you have a first year college student?

I’ve heard multiple people say their first year is hard and depressing.