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Career Questions tagged Real Estate Financing

Nate’s Avatar
Nate Oct 04, 2022 313 views

What is the best place to buy real estate?

What would be places to buy real estate if wanting to rent out to tenants, such as more rural, more near a lake/beach, or the best states.

Chris’s Avatar
Chris Apr 12, 2018 596 views

How Long Does it Takes To Become a Architect/General Contractor ?

Because I want to be one.

#architect #architecture #contractor #construction

D.’s Avatar
D. Nov 18, 2016 1592 views

Does anybody have any tips or advice for phone interviews with investment firms?

I'm a college student majoring in English/Economics, and I have a phone interview with an REIT/Asset Management firm. I was wondering if anybody had any advice for how business/finance interviews are usually conducted. How much of a technical background should I be expected to have, and...