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Allie’s Avatar
Allie Feb 25, 2022 336 views

How important is it to go to a college that has a environment that suits you?

The schools I am interested in are more on the expensive side, but if I think I would be happy and comfortable at these schools, is it worth it? #college

Zhaohong’s Avatar
Zhaohong Mar 12, 2021 426 views

Is it hard to become a teacher

How hard is it to have a stable income as a #teacher teacher

Samiya’s Avatar
Samiya Feb 24, 2021 456 views

How do I know what career path to take, and what steps do I need to take to find them?

I'm a sophomore in high school and I'm not sure what career path I want to take, and don't have any passions or hobbies I really like. I know nothing needs to be confirmed now but to start thinking. #career-path #high-school

Y’s Avatar
Y Mar 23, 2020 391 views

The best fit career path

I am working on my third master's degree in Education. I have MBA.
I am a mentor now. I would like to work at college. I am looking for a life long career at the same time.

KAREN’s Avatar
KAREN Mar 21, 2020 461 views

How can one develop their innovative minds?

Make a change in this competitve world #career