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Jonathan Reda, CPA

Financial Statement Auditor
Public Accounting
Durham, North Carolina
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Yew Kin’s Avatar
Yew Kin Apr 07, 2020 839 views

How is an auditing career different from what students will learn about in school?

I am an Accountancy & Finance student graduating this May. I was in a short internship in external auditing and it was an experience totally different from what I envisioned while still schooling. Unfortunately my time there was shortened because of Covid 19. Hope to hear more from your...

David’s Avatar
David Apr 21, 2020 3464 views

How has COVID-19 impacted your career as an accountant?

#accountant #accounting #business #finance

mercy’s Avatar
mercy May 06, 2020 391 views

I want to become an electrical engineer, I have been good with math m entire life but I struggle a little with pre-calculus, does this mean I should pick a different major in college?

I am an African female. I am 17 years old. I am in 12th grade. I am a christian. I want to become an electrical engineer. #electrical-engineering #college #math