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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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I want to be a software developer in Toronto



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Sneha May 11, 2020 2384 views

Are internships or coops really important to get a job in software field?

Due to covid-19, I haven't secured a #co-op or #internship yet. I am a college student and I do not have any previous experience. Will this affect my #job-search after I graduate? If yes, do you have any #suggestions on what I can do to improve the chance of getting a #job? #software...

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Sneha May 10, 2020 1126 views

Hi. I would like to know what are the technologies/languages I should learn to become a full stack developer?

I am a software engineering student with knowledge in languages such as java, python and C#. I have worked with Sql server and mongodB. #technology #programming #software #computer-software #fullstack