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Rhea K. Apr 22, 2018 776 views

With the field of biomedical engineering, are there any problems being a girl?

I heard that in most STEM fields, being a girl means you earn less, there are less opportunities, not as many companies believe girls are capable, girls are of less value. I wanted more information if this was a myth or if it was true and how it might be a bad decision to go into this field....

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Shanvi M. Apr 23, 2020 237 views

What are good electives for a high schooler interested in technology and engineering?

For next year's school session I am having trouble selecting my classes and electives. I don't want to pick electives that won't be useful in my career (whatever career that may be), so I'm just puzzled on what to choose. I'm interested in possibly pursuing #technology and...


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Emilie T. May 07, 2020 686 views

Are there any places that I can volunteer at that are related to biomedical engineering?

I am almost 15 years old and I'm interested in biomed. I'm looking for opportunities in the Houston area #biomed...


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Ashley T. May 26, 2020 430 views

Are internships more preferable than research experience?

Is there one that grad schools and/or employers would rather see on an application? If someone is unable to land an internship, would their research experiences make up for it? I'm more curious about this for STEM fields, but any input would be helpful and greatly appreciated! #internship...

#science #computer-science #engineering #math #stem #research

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Athena R. Jun 16, 2020 331 views

What exactly is biomedical engineering, and what do people in this profession do?

Ever since I was little, I wanted to be a doctor. Now that I have become a high school student, I've done research about what it takes to go to medical school. Helping and interacting with others is what I want to do. Although, I don't think I have what it takes to go into medical school....

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