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Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan Oct 27, 2020 520 views

Should I go to art school?

I'm a senior trying to decide on a path in life, and art is something i'm interested in. I have heard very mixed feelings about how art is great and a totally viable path, but i've also heard that it's a crowded industry that's much too saturated. Which one is right? Help! #art #art #artist...

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Dec 03, 2014 1074 views

How do I become an animator?

I am a junior in high school and I am interested in animation. Mainly the genres of 2d, 3d, anime, and western. #3d-animation #anime #character-animation #animator

isaiah’s Avatar
isaiah May 02, 2019 562 views

What program do i use to animate my characters?

Which software do i use to? animation #animation

Seraphine’s Avatar
Seraphine Nov 05, 2020 922 views

What's it like to be an animator?

I always like to do art and tell stories. So I thought why not become an animator. #Film #art #animation

Shantaya’s Avatar
Shantaya Nov 05, 2020 1440 views

How can I become an animator and what classes should I take?

I'm a high school student and I wanna become an animator. I like to draw and i wanna become better and I wanna have this affect my future. So, I wanna know what I am capable of and how long it would take me. #animator

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Jul 11, 2020 637 views

What are some tips for starting a career in animation?

What skills, knowledge, and background must I have? #animation #art #artist

Frank’s Avatar
Frank Sep 10, 2019 403 views

What animations/animators do you look at for inspiration?

We all looked at something to inspire ourselves and continue to look at their work to keep us going in this career of animation or think of ideas based upon it. What works have you seen to become an animator? #animation