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Sydney Sirkin

Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations - Educational Instruction and Library Occupations
Elon, North Carolina
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Sarah Sep 20, 2020 882 views

How much do I charge for baby sitting and cleaning home services.

I need an after school job
I am 15
And I need a #high-school-job now..........

James’s Avatar
James Sep 18, 2020 959 views

How to draw.

My name is James and I love to draw but every-time I present everyone asks what’s that. How do I improve my drawing skills? #artist #design #art

tytiania’s Avatar
tytiania Sep 27, 2020 928 views

how can i get a job at 16


Kenny’s Avatar
Kenny Sep 25, 2020 1302 views

Will our choice in a college affect us in the long run?

Let's say I pick a college that isn't as popular as other or isn't as heard of. Will jobs look at me negatively due to that. Is there a chance I could lose the competition in getting a job because of my choice in college. How do jobs and the "real world" look at our choice in colleges for like...