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Atiku Dec 06, 2020 393 views

How to deliver bad news to a temporary ill patient

#doctor #nurse #surgeon

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Ryan Oct 21, 2020 206 views

In nursing is it hard to constantly interact with the people your dealing with

#nursing #doctor

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angel Sep 10, 2020 290 views

how much do you have to pay as a pediatrician for the whole time that you are there

how much does college cost for a pediatrician i want to know for future purposes. #pediatrician #doctor

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Ellie Sep 27, 2020 370 views

Should I apply to PA school or medical school?

I'm a senior in college now, and I'm just finishing up my pre-med courses. After I graduate, I am planning on taking a gap year. If I want to go to medical school after the gap year, I should plan on taking the MCAT in the coming months and apply in May. I don't know why, but I'm having such a...

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Julisa Jan 17, 2018 635 views

How should I know which medical career is the best for me?

As I get closer to going to college, I have decided that I'd like to work in the medical field. As a result, I have researched different specialties that are offered in order to become a doctor, but since there are so many, I do not know which one would be the best for me. As of right now, my...