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Ariel Oct 27, 2020 596 views

how do you deal with the lose of patients when putting them down or having an unsuccessful surgery? is it difficult?

this is a really big question for me, because I don't know how I would handle the passing of patients, and I would like to know from a vet. I want to prepare myself for the misfortunes, so I can be a great veterinarian.
#veterinarian #animal-health #veterinary-medicine

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Ariel Oct 27, 2020 783 views

what are the types of veterinarians? if so do you need to study that specific position In college? or do you study everything from there?

I want to be a vet surgeon, and i'm not sure if there's a specific name for that. I also want to know what it's like, besides doing surgeries, and if there's other things that need to be done. I also want to make sure i'm taking the right path. thank you!
#surgeon #veterinarian

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Ariel Oct 27, 2020 708 views

is studying for veterinary medicine difficult?

I plan on going to college to earn my doctoral degree of vet medicine, and I was wondering how difficult it would be. I just want to know, so I can better prepare myself. #veterinarian #graduate