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Amanda T. Oct 27, 2020 84 views

If you are in this career field, looking at where you are now and how you started. What would you have done differently?

I am 17 and I have been around horses for 11 years. I have volunteered working at a barn, I have taken horse back riding lessons for 11 years. I worked at a barn cleaning draft horse stalls and stacking hay, I am also currently working 5 days a weeks at a barn caring for and working the horses....

#horsegirl #massagetherapy #business #horselife

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Jordyn K. Nov 05, 2020 129 views

What do you need to go into stocks?

I want to be an entrepreneur, go into investing, and into stocks, and then eventually start living life the way I want. #entrepreneur #yolo #investing...


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Isolena U. Nov 18, 2020 217 views

Business Career Paths

I have been finding the business career paths of marketing, entrepreneurship, etc interesting. What are some interesting ones I should look into? #entrepreneurship...