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kathryn’s Avatar
kathryn Oct 27, 2020 483 views

How do you get out of awkward situations between you and the patient if your a therapist?

I was just wondering this question because I thought that there would sometimes be awkward situations. #therapist #awkward

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Feb 24, 2021 430 views

Where can I take a Cartooning class?

Becoming a Cartoonist is my dream career of all eternity. I chose this career because I love watching cartoons, and one of them I've watched inspired me of getting that career. #cartoonist #career #college

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Feb 25, 2021 614 views

Where are the best jobs for being a physical therapist

I always wanted to help out with people and make people better in there life. For example I helped my recover from his ankle sprain in basketball by giving the things he needed and trying to help him get back up walking and running again. #help #life #physical therapy #psychology #therapist