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chris orourke

Director of Engineering
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Cary, North Carolina
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Shrividya Mar 23, 2021 1182 views

what is difference between software and hardware engineering justify

#computer-science #computer-engineering

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tanishka Apr 10, 2021 753 views

how will i know what i want to become

i am student of class 10th. neither too good nor too bad in studies. i haven't choose till know what i want to become. all of my family members are asking me what i want to become , bit still i don't know.. i think i can take commerce in 11th. i can say that i am a good speaker, listener, and...

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Chris Apr 12, 2021 1577 views

Is it important to care about salary this early on in your career?

Even though it's good to do something you love to do as a job, but what if you're being underpaid or not being paid at all for what you do as a living? #career #salary #career-choice #jobs