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Claire Dean

Senior Director of Global Strategy and Cloud Transformation at Symantec
Management Occupations - Business and Financial Operations Occupations
California, California
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Liz May 03, 2016 4639 views

What is the most exciting part of your job in computer security?

We learned about careers in computer security in school but it didn't sound as interesting or exciting as some others we've learned about, so i want to know what the best part of your job is. What is the most exciting thing about it? #computer-software #technology #computer-security #cyber-crime

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Marcella Apr 01, 2015 2154 views

How much money does a dance teacher make?

Hello, my name is Marcella and I am in 12th grade. I am curious about how much does a dance teacher make. My mother told me they don't make a lot. I want to know how much they do make for their job.

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Nelly Mar 27, 2015 9793 views

I want to be a business woman, especially with the fashion industry because I love Fashion… What can be my major in college?

Hi… I love Fashion and would like to learn many things about the fashion industry, in order to have an opportunity to create something mine and so get into business… I've always had little ideas in getting money on my own, crazy things such as selling african little sweet food at school for...

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Myles Sep 03, 2015 2600 views

whats the best marketing school?

i wanna be in marketing #web-marketing