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Financial analyst
Durham, North Carolina
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Reva Jul 25, 2018 762 views

Are internships important to have in high school?

#buisness #high-school #high-school-students

Jose’s Avatar
Jose May 05, 2021 630 views

What is a good Internship?

#internships #students #career

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rohit Dec 31, 2020 552 views

how to study in abroad ?

how to study in abroad and
#study-abroad apply for courses?

Brooke’s Avatar
Brooke Oct 28, 2016 526 views

What is the best resource to narrow down my career path?

I am interested in Medicine but want to know my options. #career-paths

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Dey'ja May 07, 2021 546 views

How does your job affect your general lifestyle ?

I am a people person, I’m a natural leader, I am results oriented #doctor #pharmacy

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Andre May 10, 2021 351 views

What should be my next move after high school

I am guy who wants to provide for my lady and my family also to financially supportive to my family #high-school-students #high-school #scholarships #high-school-classes

Taleya ’s Avatar
Taleya May 04, 2016 703 views

How will having a job my first year in college effect my education.

I plan to work hard to keep money in my pocket while I'm away at school but I also want to maintain at least a 3.5 throughout my 4 years. #college #working