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Fatema May 10, 2016 1171 views

Is the process of becoming a doctor worth it?

I know it's time consuming definitely -- 4 years undergrad, another 4 for med school, and maybe 4 more for residency and experience? That's at least 12 years and after all that, a lot of debt might pile up too. So is the time, commitment, and money really worth it? #college #doctor #medicine...

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Fatema May 10, 2016 1288 views

How important is math really when pursuing a career in pediatrics?

Math was never my best subject and especially this year, as a high school junior, precalculus hit me hard. When I see numbers mixed with symbols like theta and sin cos etc, I get mini headaches. My cumulative average for ONLY math subjects (algebra, geometry, algebra 2/trig, precalculus) is...

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Fatema May 05, 2016 1414 views

What is the procedure for being a pediatrician in New York City?

I want to set my medical career and I'm trying to lay my future out. Right now, I'm a high school junior so I'm deciding on majors and colleges to apply to next fall. Thank you! #college #doctor #medicine #health #pre-med #pediatrician #counselor #college-minor