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Jamal J. Jan 15, 2012 51091 views

In order to become a video game designer, what courses would I take in college?

I really want to design my own video games as a career. I've already decided that that is what I want to do in the future. However, I do not know what courses I should take in college in order to become a successful video game designer. Any information would be useful. career video-games...


tori B.’s Avatar
tori B. May 09, 2020 532 views

How can I have a career with traveling ?

I am a sophomore in high school . As of now , I don't know my purpose in life. I honestly just want to travel the world , make money and be happy. How could I travel as a full time job? travel career...


Dennis L.’s Avatar
Dennis L. Mar 15, 2021 86 views

How much time dose a wholesales and manufacture sales representative spend traveling in a day?

I feel like I have good communicating skills and I'm not opposed to going around all-day I just want to know how much I'm going around in a day....


Dillion E.’s Avatar
Dillion E. Jul 08, 2021 111 views

tell me about your customer service skills and experences

im 18 and i dont talk to much people but i try to help people with their questions or conserns...


Xavier K.’s Avatar
Xavier K. Jul 10, 2021 868 views

How do I motivate myself to try hard when no one else is motivating nor inspiring me to try.

I try to motivate people in my life to see my friends and family succeed in life. I also try to make my friends happy, even if it makes me sad. career...


Sam S.’s Avatar
Sam S. Jul 20, 2021 238 views

What is the best way to ask for feedback as an intern?

For my internship I'm working on a project with another intern. Both of our managers are keeping the requirements vague and said they don't want to give too much guidance to see what we can come up with. I totally understand this and like the fact that it's more of a "lets see what you can do"...

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