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Andrew Bustamantes, CFI, CPCI

Fraud Investigator
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Protective Service Occupations
West Bridgewater, Massachusetts
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Dynasty’s Avatar
Dynasty Jul 01, 2021 962 views

Is psychology the right major to becoming a homicide detective ?

I am a sophomore in college and i am majoring in psychology with a minor in criminology. I am going for my bachelors degree hoping to become a homicide detective. I know that all detectives has to start out as a police officer but i dont want to be a police officer. I read online that i could...

Maboti’s Avatar
Maboti Jul 14, 2021 463 views

essay based on why one should study law

essay based on why one should study law

Shaney’s Avatar
Shaney Jun 15, 2021 570 views

What program are there to help young people who want to get into criminal justice

I want to become a prosecutor but I want to find programs that would help me before I go to university . #law #programs #lawyer #criminal-justice #college #attorney

Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly Jun 26, 2021 541 views

Still not really sure on what i wanna do yet?

I want to graduate high school and get into college to be a psychologist/ crime scene investigator and maybe a lawyer
# #criminal-justice