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Anna’s Avatar
Anna Mar 15, 2021 234 views

Is the balance/salary of this job the balance you expected for your career?

I am just wondering about the cost of your jobs #money #career-choice

Galo’s Avatar
Galo Aug 17, 2021 359 views

What career should I follow if I'm good with people?

Hi! I trying to decide what to study and I want to choose something that I'm good at, and that is people. I always have been a good listener and really helpful person. I find people being comfortable around me and always try to be close to me to get help or just simply hang out. Not trying to...

Khristian’s Avatar
Khristian Sep 17, 2021 399 views

What would be good to write about on my resume?

#job-search #resume #job-application

Paul’s Avatar
Paul Jan 22, 2018 488 views

What career choice should I choose?

I am a junior in high school and don't know what to do after high school.#careerchoice