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high school student
high school student
Hedgesville, West Virginia
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Kadiatou’s Avatar
Kadiatou May 30, 2022 258 views

Is modeling a hard profession ? Is it asking a lot of time ?

I want to know the pros and cons of the modeling profession.

Jaden’s Avatar
Jaden Jun 03, 2022 277 views

Is it difficult to become an Architect?

I’m really interested in becoming one. I know that no career choice is easy but how much math is involved? Would anyone recommend it? Anything would be helpful.

Aayush’s Avatar
Aayush Jun 05, 2022 272 views

How do I proceed in high school if I have an interest in Psychology?

What should I be doing in order to figure out if the field is really for me?

Rashaan’s Avatar
Rashaan May 31, 2022 220 views

What do you most and least like about being a music composer/arranger?

What is some advice you would give me about this career before getting started?