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Shubhra Kabra

Software Engineer
Fremont, California
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Nancy May 12, 2020 2405 views

What's a good coding language to start with?

It's part of my major, I want to start now learning it, so it will be easy to understand when classes open again?

#computer #major #information-technology #technology #computer-software #coding #codingcamp #bootcamp #COVID19 #career #college #student

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Benjamin Feb 07, 2022 293 views

I'm interested in science and coding fields, what kinds of jobs would best suit me?

I am a student who I have found thinks in a more logical, factual way than others. I have also found that I am fascinated in biology and how cancer works, however I am also intrigued by the inner workings of computers and enjoy coding. I am very uncertain of the full scope of options that are...