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Meridian charter Township, Michigan
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I want to be a biomedical engineer.


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Rachel Mar 13 178 views

If I get a job but find I don't really like it, how long should I stay with the company before I can resign and move to a more favorable company? #CV23

I wonder if there is an accepted period of time that I should be with a company before I look for a new job. I don't want to look like I can't keep a job or like I'm unable to commit to a position. #CV23

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Rachel May 17, 2016 861 views

I'm concerned that because college will be more challenging academically than high school that I might have some trouble keeping my grades at a top level. How can I make the adjustment to college learning without stressing myself out?

I have always done well in school and pride myself on my working knowledge. I am concerned that my grades might suffer due to all the changes I will have to deal with being on my own for the first time. I'm sure many students have experienced this, and want to avoid it, if at all possible....

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Rachel May 17, 2016 1726 views

I've applied for many scholarships, but haven't won any yet. What other financial support can I find to help me pay for college?

My family supports my education and are proud of me for pursuing an engineering degree. College is very expensive though, and my parents and I are going to be in debt for many years if I can't find some external financial support. My parents are retired and live on a fixed income, so any...