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Lilyann Aug 09, 2022 417 views

fbi and secret services question

what can i do to help get into the fbi after high school and college? ,what would help my chances?

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Ashley Sep 01, 2017 866 views

What is a coroner's college journey like?

What schooling must a coroner go through medical school or Ph.D. How should one prepare for it through college? #forensic-pathology #medicine #forensic

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hammad Feb 03, 2021 444 views

can i get admission into a medical school in America after i studied arts in my matric and than FA

i want to become a doctor and want to get admission into a medical school in America. Unfortunately i have been an arts student. Will i be able to get admission into a #medical college? Is there any other procedure to get admission? Will it be possible?

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Maria Feb 24, 2021 3758 views

What is the difference between Family and General Physician and Internist?

#medicine #physician #physicians-assistant #doctor

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victoria Jul 08, 2022 713 views

questions for medical assistants

how did you manage to not give up while going through thee schooling for your degrees ?any main tips on studying and how to stay focused in school and not get distracted ?
is it harder or easier then it looks being a medical assistant ?