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Rebecca Ray

Student Implementation Consultant at Workday
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Educational Instruction and Library Occupations
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Sydnie May 24, 2016 782 views

Should I attend a private or public college/university?

I know that public colleges in Illinois are required to accept 3's on AP exams, which I might have gotten, but I also hear that private colleges can offer more financial aid.
At which type of college would I end up saving more money? #financial-aid #ap-exam

Caitlin’s Avatar
Caitlin May 24, 2016 706 views

How would I know what is the best Bio Engineering college to apply too?

I am finishing up my Junior year in High School. I am very interested in a few different majors.
Bio Engineering seems suitable to my likely. I just want to make sure I apply to the Best colleges out there for that major. #medicine #girls #mathematical-biology

Amy’s Avatar
Amy May 24, 2016 1602 views

Consulting Time Commitment

I have always heard that consultants have to work long hours and don't have a good work life balance. Is this true? Does the firm that you work for have an impact on this? #consulting

Jaclyn’s Avatar
Jaclyn May 24, 2016 860 views

What year of college is it when I should apply for any internships or coops and how do I go about getting in touch with companies that offer these types of programs?

I'm an Engineering major and want to get into Engineering Management. Not sure when to start looking into these programs #college #professor #manager

Austin’s Avatar
Austin May 24, 2016 965 views

What are possible ways to make college more affordable?

I find it very difficult to find ways to pay for college. I don't want to owe a lot after graduating. What are possible ways to help make it cheaper ans easier to manage. #finance #scholarship #money-management