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Aaron Feb 07 139 views

How do i get accepted to a college ?

Right now I want to go to Syrcause University. Right now I got a 3.2 gpa. does this need to be higher or will it be find to get accepted. (And I am in 10 grade)

Alonna’s Avatar
Alonna Feb 07 115 views

What job should I do?

I love kids and my friends. I would want to have a flexible schedule.

Cera’s Avatar
Cera Feb 06 322 views

College vs. University vs. Trade School

I've been thinking about where I'm going to go after high school, and I realized I don't really know much about the differences between the three. My goal is to become a horse trainer/riding instructor and either a teacher or a psychologist/therapist. If I become a teacher, I'd...