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Coventry, Rhode Island
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Lissy May 27, 2016 1287 views

With a busy after school schedule what are some things that stand out in college applications that are not school affiliated?

It's a well known fact that colleges look for many extracurricular activities while viewing an individual's application. At my school I am involved with the drama club and due to the intense schedule of productions, whenever I have free time in the year it is at an awkward time (only December,...

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Lissy May 27, 2016 1367 views

In a career path as competitive as film, how do you stay unintimidated and focused?

I've had a dream to be a filmmaker for as long as I can remember, and make my own films whenever possible. It's no secret that getting into the business is extremely hard, and often times if you do not have the right networking or connections your dreams can quickly seem unreachable. For this...