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Rachel Apr 18, 2020 790 views

What steps would I need to take if I want to become an app developer? What would I need to learn in order to create apps and make them successful?

I am a junior in high school. I am not exactly sure what I want to do yet, but I am interested in software development. I also want to become familiar with developing software before I go to college to see if it is really for me, but I don't know where to start, which is why I am asking this...

Kadiatou’s Avatar
Kadiatou Mar 29 316 views

How to have knowledge in blockchain and web 3.0?

I didn't see any colleges offering a major boarding this subject, and it's an industry I would really love to work in. I learned everything I know about this field through Youtube and Google and am planning to try some internships to have some work experience in this field. Is there any...